Thursday, October 6, 2011

Preschool Pumpkin Pickin'

Today was Pumpkin Hunt day at preschool. Jesstine's preschool does in school field trips. They bring "field trips" to the school instead of taking the kids places. Not enough time and resources to take 4 three year-old classes to the pumpkin patch! Of course the parents are invited to be the paparazzi if you will. I was happy to take on that role! Stephen was going to come, but something at work kept him from getting to come. So here is a little photo journey through the "Great Pumpkin Hunt."

 They got all of the class on a trailer and pulled them all of the way around the building and back to the back corner where we had set pumpkins out in the grass.

 Notice MY kids is the kid that had to sit by the teacher....(in case you don't know, teachers usually position themselves around the kids that could potentially be a problem). I am hoping that just happened to be a matter of circumstance.

 Listening for directions on how to hold their pumpkin when they get it.

 Further directions that they are to only get ONE pumpkin!

 And they're OFF!

 Jesstine worked hard to find just the right pumpkin. Others went to one right away.

 Jesstine kept picking one up and then saying "This one is TOO big, Mommy." They were all small and roughly the same size!

 I finally convinced her that this one was small enough.

 Marching her pumpkin to the teacher to get her name put on it.

 Waiting her turn to get her name on her pumpkin.

 Class photo. It took about 4 shots to get this LEAST.

CHEESE!!! (Getting tired of pictures already!) 

Walking back to the school after getting pumpkins.

It was really a fun experience! It was SO cute to see all of the little boys and girls pointing to their mommies and grandmas as they pulled closer to the pumpkin field. 

In Him,
The Hutchins

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