Monday, August 24, 2009

Bows without KY jelly

It never fails. Anytime that Jesstine and I are out, we are constantly having people ask about her bows. "How did you get that to stay, did you tape it on?" or "My daughter had no hair at that age and we used KY jelly to keep her bows in." I think that has to be my favorite. I don't know that I would EVER put KY jelly on my daughter's head!!!!! This last week, I returned to work for the first time this school year. My mom will be watching Jesstine on Wednesday mornings and Stephen's mom will be watching her on Thursday afternoons. This was the first week of the new rotation of grandma's. My mom had an appointment that morning that she had to go to as a follow up to her recent "nose job." She just took Jesstine with her. Afterward, they both went shopping at Kohl's and Target. Sometime in there, Jesstine's bow became lost. I wasn't upset because I knew it was just a bow. It was a little disappointing because it took me a while to find an orange bow. When I did though, I found it from the greatest place! I was shopping on Etsy and ran into a shop that had the GREATEST patriotic bow that matched her 4th of July outfit perfectly! I liked her bows so much that I kept ordering from her. That is where I found the orange bow! The greatest thing about her bows is that they are no slip! They have a little piece of foam attached too them that helps them stay in really fine hair a whole lot better. Unless of course they have help coming out!!! Her bows are so simple and beautiful! Even adults can wear these things! She makes snap clips and all kinds of other bows! Here is a sample of her work with the model of course being non other than Jesstine!!!! You can find her bows at Or you can find her on etsy at When I looked through her pictures I only found a few, but she wears these more often than any others. I just haven't taken many pictures of them recently.
Take a look at her shop and let me know what you think!!!

As always, we hope you are doing well!
In Him,
Lacie, Stephen, and Jesstine

Friday, August 21, 2009

More Birthday Fun!!!

Here are the rest of the pictures from Jesstine's party! (Sorry for the formatting! I have tried several times to fix it and it won't work. All of the captions go to the picture above them. The one that shows just her hands in her cake says "Squishy, Tasty!")

Mmm! Pizza!

Cake for my friends!

Look who came to my party!!!

My face when I saw Elmo!

What's that flaming thing?

Make a wish!
Mmm, I think I'll go back for more!

Squishy! Tasty!

Elmo, do you want some?

I'll eat some for you!

The look of a girl who loves cake!

Clean up crew!

My throne and my crown!

Had to get a closer look!

My party guests!

My family!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


These are just a few of the pictures that the photographer took at Jessitne's party! They are just breathtaking! Google search tinycandiphotography and see some more of her work or if you are on Facebook, try to search for her there!

12 month picture

One of my many favorites!