Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Day With Cousin Corbin

Grandma went to Corbin's house last weekend and decided that it was a great time for him to go home with her. She had to work today, so Corbin got to spend the day with us! I was SO excited! I just KNEW we were going to have so much fun! I went to the zoo the day before with my best friend Kylie, but I decided it would be okay to go again! So Corbin spent the night in the room across the hall from me. The next morning Corbin joined me for breakfast and cartoons! He got a poptart. I wanted one, but I got my favorite breakfast of Cheerios and cantaloupe! MMMM! After breakfast we played for a little while and Mommy got us both dressed. We put on sunscreen and were off to see some monkeys! Corbin and I were SO excited! Mommy even let us take a toy with us! I brought my new car, Sally (from Cars). Here are a few pictures from our adventure!

Our first stop was to see the Chimpanzees! This is always one of my favorite places. It was even more interesting this time because there was a REAL snake outside on the way to the orangutans! It was kind of scary, but fun to watch!
We really liked talking to the shiny animals like this one.

Guess what? HIPPO BUTT!!

Another one of our favorites were the Giraffes. There was a baby one that was small, but still bigger than my mommy or daddy.

We got to see a LOT of turtles! There were snakes and frogs too!

We got a really close look at these turtles!

One of our last stops was the Gorilla exhibit where we talked to more shiny animals.

We had a good face-to-face moment with this gorilla. I think he wanted to be our friend.

At the end, we were both tired, but Corbin had been hogging the stroller so Mommy put me in the front. When he got to tired to walk, she found a seat for him in the stroller too!
I had so much fun with Corbin. We even got to eat chicken nuggets for lunch after we went to the zoo. I was sad to hear him leave. I had to go to bed and he had to wait for grandma. I will be happy to see him again in a couple of days when we go on bacation (vacation) and take him to his house.
"Jesseeen" (Jesstine)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Big Girl Bed or Toy

That was the question that Jesstine had! She LOVED playing in the big girl bed. She loved it so much that she would play in it and not sleep!! So, no more big girl bed. It was too much freedom for her. I know it seems like I gave up to soon, but I can tell that it wasn't going to get any better. In fact each time I tried added 15 more min. on to the usual amount of time it took her to fall asleep. By the final night she was over an hour later than usual falling asleep! So, it's back to the crib. The day we switched back (actually it was at night) she was playing with the an old toy of mine. She was pretend playing as usual. Feeding it in her booster seat. Taking it and putting it down for nap in the big girl bed. I heard her tell it, "Go bed. No geet out! Nigh night!" Then a few seconds later, "NO NO NO!!! No geet out bed! No! Want spankin?" It was cute, but at the same time I had to ask myself if it was the right thing for me to be doing at such a young age? I don't want to be remembered for "NO NO NO!! Don't get out of bed! Do you want a spanking?" So Stephen and I had to remind ourselves that she isn't even two yet and that although she can recognize and name all of the letters of the alphabet, she is still not mature enough for some things (ie. potty training, big girl bed, Axis and Allies...). So for now, no more big girl bed. No rush!

In Him,

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pre-Big Girl Bed

So, we have really been considering moving Jesstine to the room across the hall because it is SO hot in her room! We didn't want to move the bed though because we would have to take it apart AND take the one in the other room apart. So, we decided to transition her slowly. We turned her crib into a toddler bed thanks to my sisters! My younger sister and I picked out the same crib (without knowing it) when we were both expecting our first babies. She bought the toddler conversion rail and I bought the rails to turn it into a full size bed. So, she loaned me the toddler rail since she wasn't using it. My older sister had a Dora obsessed daughter who is older than Jesstine, so she graciously (no pun intended) gave us the Dora bedding from when my niece was in a toddler bed. Jesstine was SUPER excited! The first night we put her into the toddler bed, she didn't want to wear a diaper to bed because she wanted to be a "big girl." We decided that wasn't a good idea! We still put a diaper on her (she has only been dry one time in her whole life upon waking up in the morning). Also I think it is best if we just stick to one major change at a time! Here are some pictures and at the end I will tell you the results of the first night in the toddler bed!

Already found her place to be comfy.

Now it is all set up with all of her stuffed animals and blankets. No sleeping environment is complete without Mickey, Minnie, green "bankie," and of course her best pal, Dumpty!

How did it go? Well, she normally is in bed by 8:00. She us USUALLY asleep by about 8:3o. Every once in a while she gets a wild hair and decides to talk until 9:15. So we kept to her schedule pretty well. By about 8:50, she had been out of bed more times than I can remember. She shut the door on two occasions and I found her with books in her bed on two occasions. After spanking her and she STILL got out of bed, I decided to try a method that I had tried before. I put her back in bed and then parked myself on the floor facing the door (with my back to her). At first it didn't go so great. She purposely threw Dumpty out. So, I put her back in bed each time without talking. After the 4th time of this, I didn't give Dumpty back. I put Dumpty in another place, then placed Jesstine back in bed. She of course cried. After a few min. (and an attempt by Jesstine to go and get Dumpty, I gave Dumpty back. I positioned myself a little further away. She got out of bed once (after about 5 min.). Put her back and sat on the floor. It worked! She stayed in bed. For a while she talked and tried to get my attention. At one point I was chuckling inside because she started counting. It was like the old "counting sheep" method. She surprised me with how high she could count! She would sometimes leave out three and once she got to eight, she was lost so she would just repeat numbers before eventually starting over. Every 5-10 min. I would move slightly closer to the door. By 9:30, I didn't hear a sound. I left her room at 9:35. She slept all night long and woke up just before 7. She got up, shut her door and read books! It was kind of nice to not have to go get her right away!!! She entertained herself! We will just see how naptime in the big girl bed goes!!
In Him,
*****Naptime UPDATE****
Successful in that she did go to sleep at about 2 (30 min later than usual). Fail in that her Mommy lost her cool and her Daddy tried his own method in the middle of Mommy's method. Overall, not a good start to the "Big Girl Bed" experience today. Here's to hoping tonight is better!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Daddy's Vacation

Daddy's on vacation this week, so what do you think we have done? Well, we went to his work and worked for an hour and a half! Well, Jesstine mostly played with a nice girl who was there! Here are a few pictures from that day. Jesstine was in most of the pictures that Stephen had access to off of his work drive! LOL! She was (is) so darn cute!!

Getting our volunteer gear.

Getting suited up!

Getting instructions and listening intently.

"Humm, whatcha guys doin'?"

I could barely get away from her! She wanted to be in the thick of the action (or just be with Mommy).

Can you tell that she enjoyed the attention?

She found a buddy to play with!

"Go away! I'm busy!"
We have had a lot of fun with Daddy home this week. We have done a lot and we have done a lot of nothing. Daddy has been watching a LOT of soccer! None of us have been getting much sleep! We have had VBS at church from Sunday through Wednesday. Jesstine was very happy about her "pink pupcakes" at VBS. She has requested them for her birthday, "pink pincess pupcakes!!" Any of you who know me well enough know that until I had two girls, this would NEVER have been in my vocabulary! Not a fan of pink....unless it is on my girl! We have also done some swimming. Tomorrow will be Date Day!!!! WOO HOO!! Jesstine gets to spend some time with Grandmom while we enjoy a grown up movie, Toy Story 3!!!
Hope all you are doing well! We will be (hopefully) enjoying the rest of Stephen's vacation by allowing him to grill at some point!
In Him,

Friday, June 4, 2010

Water Play!

Today our plans to meet up with our friends after nap were foiled. So instead, I got Jesstine's pool out and let her play in it. We also got a sprinkler last fall from our good friends Kara and Johnna. I hooked that up too thinking that Stephen wouldn't mind me watering the grass a little being that it was starting to look a little brown! When he got home, he joined in on the fun! It also gave me a chance to prune the already over grown tree in the front and weed the flowerbeds. Here are some pictures of our water play fun! Below them are pictures from last year!

No water play time would be complete without Elmo!!!

And I thought this mat was small last year!!!

Daddy even came home and ran in the sprinkler with me.

Circa June of last year (Jesstine 10 months):

One of my FAVORITE Jesstine pictures! Thus my reason for adding it to the top of this blog!

In Him,