Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Day With Cousin Corbin

Grandma went to Corbin's house last weekend and decided that it was a great time for him to go home with her. She had to work today, so Corbin got to spend the day with us! I was SO excited! I just KNEW we were going to have so much fun! I went to the zoo the day before with my best friend Kylie, but I decided it would be okay to go again! So Corbin spent the night in the room across the hall from me. The next morning Corbin joined me for breakfast and cartoons! He got a poptart. I wanted one, but I got my favorite breakfast of Cheerios and cantaloupe! MMMM! After breakfast we played for a little while and Mommy got us both dressed. We put on sunscreen and were off to see some monkeys! Corbin and I were SO excited! Mommy even let us take a toy with us! I brought my new car, Sally (from Cars). Here are a few pictures from our adventure!

Our first stop was to see the Chimpanzees! This is always one of my favorite places. It was even more interesting this time because there was a REAL snake outside on the way to the orangutans! It was kind of scary, but fun to watch!
We really liked talking to the shiny animals like this one.

Guess what? HIPPO BUTT!!

Another one of our favorites were the Giraffes. There was a baby one that was small, but still bigger than my mommy or daddy.

We got to see a LOT of turtles! There were snakes and frogs too!

We got a really close look at these turtles!

One of our last stops was the Gorilla exhibit where we talked to more shiny animals.

We had a good face-to-face moment with this gorilla. I think he wanted to be our friend.

At the end, we were both tired, but Corbin had been hogging the stroller so Mommy put me in the front. When he got to tired to walk, she found a seat for him in the stroller too!
I had so much fun with Corbin. We even got to eat chicken nuggets for lunch after we went to the zoo. I was sad to hear him leave. I had to go to bed and he had to wait for grandma. I will be happy to see him again in a couple of days when we go on bacation (vacation) and take him to his house.
"Jesseeen" (Jesstine)

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