Saturday, May 28, 2011

Butterflies and Funny Trees

Today we took flowers to the graves of my grandparents and Babe B. Last year, Jesstine was just old enough to kind of help with putting flowers out for Babe B. So when we picked out flowers, she picked out a little blue butterfly on a long thin wire to add to the flowers. This year we did the same thing and she picked a purple butterfly which went great with the purple flowers we picked! She is starting to ask questions and you can see she is trying really hard to understand what Memorial Day is really about. Just before we left for the cemeteries, she proudly exclaimed, "We are going to go see Babe B. and be with Jesus!!!" (We have told her that Babe B. is with Jesus.) We all had to snicker at her remark! After placing flowers for Babe B., we headed to the part of Kansas not far from where I was born and where my mother grew up. Jesstine surprisingly really enjoyed the trip to the cemetery out where my grandparents are buried. She had some open space to run and laugh. Her favorite thing though had to be the "funny trees." The cemetery is full of these well manicured trees. She LOVED them and had to go and touch all of them that she could! I love her innocence and her zest for life! It made a seemingly sad event a little more joyful! Here are her "funny trees!"

In Him,
The Hutchins'

Monday, May 23, 2011

All Girl

We went outside this morning to play on the swing set for the first time! I thought maybe it would help to wear her out so she would take a good nap. It was partially true, but it still was tricky getting her to take a nap. While out playing, it occurred to me just how girly Jesstine is! She has inherited a dislike for all things bug (especially crickets) just like her Daddy! Here she is channeling the spirit of Rex from the Toy Story movies as she tries her hardest to make her most vicious scream to fend off her nemesis!

In Him,
The Hutchins'

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Masterpiece Is Complete!!!

It took a little convincing, but I finally did it! Stephen and I purchased a swing set for Jesstine. And this weekend he spent all of his free time putting it together! He pretty much refused to let me help! I helped with the slide just because he had to have an extra set of hands for that! Here is the work as it progressed.

This was at about the halfway point. Doesn't look like a lot is left but all of this took a whole other day just to put it on!

My man hard at work. A masterpiece in the making!

And no work can truly done correctly with out the "hick hat" (his own title for it).

Jesstine "helped" by hammering with her "hammer" which was actually a rubber mallet and came in handy for Stephen in the process!

Here is the finished product (this slide actually came in 6 different pieces not including the 30 screws that went in it).

Back side

Front side complete with a small picnic bench.

And what praytell were Jesstine and I doing through all of this? Well, we started out playing in the sandbox and playhouse under the deck. We then migrated to the front to help Daddy. When that didn't prove to be a wise choice, we got out the tricycle then the sidewalk chalk. I even let her go down to the edge of the driveway and splash in the puddle in the gutter. She came to me crying. I asked her what was wrong and if she was hurt. She said, "My pants awe awww duwtee!!" So at that point we went inside for some lunch. After "nap" (or lack there of if you have read the previous post), she hopped in the pool and played in the sprinkler.

So here's to lots of summer fun! Swinging, sliding and swimming and some of those put together!

In Him,
The Hutchins'

No NAP!!!

For the most part, Jesstine has always been a fairly good sleeper! The exception to this is naptime! When she was a baby, her morning nap consisted of 30 mins. at the max! So, at less than 10 months, we decided to get rid of the nap. She seemed to do great after that! For the longest time it seemed to be great. Then at 18 months, she started to climb out of her crib and fall. So, we transitioned her to a big girl bed. That is a challenge for most kids because they have more freedom and are able to pretty much do what they want. We eventually found something that worked for us, albeit me staying in her room until she fell asleep at nap. Eventually, I grew tired of that and for a while I would just take a nap with her. It got to where she would only sleep for half an hour. So, I got some blackout curtains in her room and told her she had to take a nap on her own. It has worked as good as gold ever since! This week is the exception! I don't know if it is because she is ready for me to come home for the summer. Maybe it is the fact that we have had some excitment the last couple of days (swimming pool and swing set assembly yesterday and more swing set assembly today as well as our bimonthly babysitting duties). Needless to say, she has NOT slept at all the last two naps! Today I even resorted to spanking (which I detest). It didn't work. I have mentioned it on facebook which turns out to be a mistake. I have been getting advice from others that it may be time to just drop nap. Problem with that is, Jesstine is a typically happy girl. Yesterday and today she has been an absolute mess! She cried at the drop of the hat today at church. I am at a loss of what to do! It is especially hard because I am in need of a daily nap at this point! So, I am just going to keep on keeping on! In the meantime, I feel a little like the dad in a movie that I watched as a kid. The movie was "Honey, I Blew Up The Kid!" (yes of the infamous honey I shurnk the kids series of movies). In the movie there is a 2-3 year old boy who absolutely hates naps. His most recited line is, "No NAP!" So I leave you with this picture! I will update in a few days to let you know how it goes! Right now it seems SO daunting!
In Him,
The Hutchins'
Update 8:50 PM: She is now fighting bedtime! You would think she would be zonked after not sleeping at nap! Who are you and what have you done with my child?!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


My mom started on this journey long before I was born. I don't know if she intended at the time to go this far in her career, but several years later she has made it! When I was a little girl she got an associates degree as a Registered Nurse while raising 4 children ages newborn to 7 years and as a single parent. At the time to become a registered nurse, you only had to have an associates degree. 4 years ago she completed a bachelor's degree in nursing (which is what you have to get now to become a registered nurse). She has since been working hard for a master's in nursing. She plans on becoming a nurse practitioner in a family practice. Last night we had the privilege of watching her walk in her graduate degree graduation.

The pomp and circumstance walk.
She finally spotted us in the stands by finding Jesstine's bright pink flower on her head! (Sorry for the blurry picture, my camera had trouble capturing the moment.)

The stage.
There were a LOT of graduates! The front couple of rows were all doctorate degrees, followed by graduate degrees, followed by bachelor's degrees.
Mom is sitting third from the end diagonally from the girl in the gold Barrett.
Graduate students are hooded. My mom is "in da hood."
Shanking hands...
More hand shaking...
Photo shoot time!
Another photo opp!
The walk back to her seat.

Congratulations Mom!!
In Him,
The Hutchins'

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Glimpse of Summer

It has been unseasonably warm here lately. Yesterday was a record high of 100 degrees in May! Today it was so hot when I went to pick up Jesstine after work. So, when we got home, we filled the pool up so she could swim after nap. Of course this is Kansas and the temp. dropped almost 10 degrees and became breezy. She decided to swim anyway.

In Him,
The Hutchins'

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I don't know how long it took me to realize that this day was often overlooked for my mother when I was growing up. It really left an impact on me. I remember being about 5 when I realized one Christmas that there was not a single present for my mom to open on Christmas morning. My mom was such a hard worker and still is to this day! She is getting ready to graduate with a master's degree in nursing. She will soon be a Nurse Practioner in a family practice. I am SO proud of her!

That all being said, Stephen and I discussed very early on that when our children are young, there is no way that they can be held responsible for remembering me on Mother's Day, so it would become his responsibility. I know some men would say, "Well, your the mother of my children, not my mother." But like I said, my child is too young to be able to remember me on Mother's Day and bring me something special! She needs help! And until she is old enough to pick out and find a card herself, it becomes my husband's responsibility.

Mother's day was a rough day. I woke up at 4:30 AM with TERRIBLE pain in my stomach. I ended up on the couch. The pain didn't subside throughout the day, so I stayed home instead of attending church. Needless to say, Mother's Day was not quite as good as I had hoped, but I did get to spend it with my girl; my reason for being able celebrate on this day to begin with!

My first Mother's Day was like any other day, only maybe a little more sad than usual because we had just lost Babe B. But the next was MORE than a celebration for me! It felt like an accomplishment! Being a mother is something I knew I had always wanted! I had an affectation for babies even as a young child! When Jesstine came along, being a mother exceeded all of my expectation. Even with the sleepless nights!! So here are a little of my Mother's Day joys (despite feeling so yucky).

My little Jesstine, joy of my life! She was dressed from head to toe in my favorite color on Saturday before Mother's Day, when I actually felt well!

All I want for Mother's Day and my birthday each year is cherry pie. Not homemade! Freezer store bought is the best!! So, I took the opportunity to pick one up on my way home from the doctor today...the day after Mother's Day!

In Him,

The Hutchins'

Friday, May 6, 2011

Jesstine's Funny Sayings:

So, in all of the chaos that has been happening around us the last few weeks, Jesstine always reminds us of the joy that she brings to our lives! She has been trying to learn our names. Today, I asked her what Mommy's name was. She replied, "Mommy Jonelle Hutchins!" LOL!

On a sweeter note, my mom watched Jesstine for us on Wednesday while I worked. Mom took her to her own house so she could get some school work done. On the way they listened to Mom's new Michael W. Smith CD. There was a song on there that he was singing about sanctuary. Mom turned the radio off as soon as the song was over because she was pulling into her driveway and likes to start a new song when she gets in her car the next time. Jesstine looked at her and said, "Grandma that was a beautiful song!"

Another grandma story, but this time with Grandmom who also watches Jesstine while I work. On Tuesday they went to the "tree store" (nursery) to look at trees. Grandmom sang one of the songs that she has always sang to her grandkids and Jesstine knows it well. She sang, "Jesstine is my darlin' darlin' darlin'. Jesstine is my darlin' she's my doopy doo!!!" Grandmom went through all of the names of her family members and when she stopped, Jesstine took up where she left off singing, "Gammom is my darlin'......."

And finally, today I was getting dressed and had pulled my nightshirt off. Jesstine looked up at me and said, "Mommy, what are those?" I told her they were breasts and that when she was older she would have some too. She said, "Oh, but I want some NOW."

LOL! She is such a joy! It is fun to hear this little person during a busy and stressful week! She is such an amazing gift from God!

In Him,
The Hutchins'

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another Sneak Peek!

Well, today I had to get an ultrasound of my gallbladder. I have been SO uncomfortable for the last 3-4 weeks. We were starting to wonder if my gallbladder is the cause. So my OB sent me to my regular doctor's office for an ultrasound of my innards! While I was there, the sono tech decided to take a peek of Baby Hutchins. Here is the sneak peek that I got today! It could not have come at a better time! Up until last week, I had not really been terribly anxious with this pregnancy; just uncomfortable. Then with last weeks scare, I have been so anxious! I have a regular appointment with my OB tomorrow, but it was nice to get a peek of the baby today to calm some of that anxiety. I am not sure that he will be doing one tomorrow. So, here is what we saw:

Baby's head is on the right and he/she is facing down with legs curled up underneath.
Had a strong heartbeat at 156 BPM. Baby's head is on the right you can see eyes and mouth!
Another view of baby's head on the right. One eye is hiding behind the white stuff and the other is on the top. He or she tends to like to face my back side, so it may be a little difficult to get some good pictures of him/her for a while! The first thing we saw was he/she pulling his/her hand away from his/her face! It was so cool!

In Him,
The Hutchins'