Saturday, January 28, 2012

Disney Princess Live

In lieu of the yearly trip to see Elmo in concert, I took Jesstine to see Disney Live. Stephen and I thought it was the perfect thing to do for Jesstine since she has been (for the most part) such a GOOD girl with all of the changes in the last few months. Emmitt being born and then being admitted to the hospital at just 7 weeks of age was a lot for a 3 year-old to take in! She has only ever stayed overnight away from us for a full night before Emmitt was in the hospital. She was SUCH a trooper! It was always a great break to see her so happy and well when we would visit her for a few minutes when Emmitt was so sick. So, this was the perfect reward! Originally the plan was for Daddy to stay home with Emmitt. Daddy had a big week at work and couldn't get away, so Emmitt stayed with Grandmom and Jesstine and Mommy saw the princesses WITHOUT boys! It was a blast!

Instead of paying $15 for a picture with a cardboard cutout princess, we chose to pose by her favorite princess on the side of the toy stand! She was SO excited!

When she knew we were going, she asked for two things: popcorn and a toy. She got a large movie size popcorn tub! The toys were all so expensive, I was able to convince her to choose a princess straw cup filled with lemonade. At the intermission we were even able to score a FREE refill! She LOVED it! And we can wash it and reuse it many times! Not really quite worth $10, but for my girl, it was a special treat!

It wasn't JUST the princesses at the show. There was an appearance by Goofy....
Minnie Mouse....
and of course, Mickey Mouse!
They read three princess stories from a magical story book!
First was Snow White.
When you ask Jesstine what she thought of the princess concert, she quietly replies, "The wicked witch was scary!"

Of course the seven dwarfs showed up too!

My favorite princess is Cinderella. She was there too!
(The evil stepmother reminded me of a character in one of Jesstine's new favorite TV shows, LazyTown. If you haven't seen it, HERE is who I am referring to!)

Used the Elmo binoculars we got at the last Elmo concert!

Jesstine's favorite princess is Ariel. Her favorite at Disney Live was Belle. I am pretty sure Belle is her second favorite overall.

Jesstine's bff, Kylie, was there also! She had floor seats, but they still said hi to us before the show and hung out for pictures afterward!
This was a FABULOUS show! I only spent just over $50, and would have spent more. The sets were amazing. I have always loved the music. TThe memories with Jesstine were priceless! She was just in awe! It was even more so than at the Sesame Street Live shows! At the beginning of the show, she put her hand on her chest just under her chin and declared, "It's starting!" I hope to have MANY more of these Mommy and Daughter moments with her! I hope she retains her innocence for a long time! She is SO sweet! She is such a joy and a blessing! I am so proud to be her mamma!

In Him,
The Hutchins Family