Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

In case you hadn't noticed by the header picture or heard from us, we found out a week and a half ago that we were expecting baby 3! It was short lived joy though. We found out just a week after that we were having a miscarriage. I know this is a common thing. It is so tough! We have been through so much when it comes to trying to have children. I always thought that since we had already had such a tragic loss with Babe B. that I would just be too disappointed to move on after a miscarriage. I have to say, both Stephen and I were terrible disappointed. I think that we still are. I do think though that having been through what we already have, it has lessened the blow so to speak. It also really makes me reflect on how thankful I am to have what I DO have in life.

I am thankful for my wonderful husband of 7 and half years. He has stood by my side. He has been my partner in everything. He has allowed me to follow my dreams of being a mother and a teacher and even at the same time! He takes GREAT care of me as well as Jesstine. He is a terrific father!

I am also thankful for my beautiful, smart, sweet daughter, Jesstine! She is certainly a gift from God! She brings my heart joy when I am with her and when we are apart. She is even cute when she is being naughty! She is loving! She brought such healing after such tragedy. She continues to bring that healing through our current circumstances.

I am thankful for great food to eat, a beautiful home to life in, and warm clothes to wear. I didn't have a lot of the luxuries growing up that I have now and that I am able to provide for my daughter. Most of the time I think that allows me to appreciate such things better. Even so, there are times that I just can't get my mind off of that next little thing that I HAVE to have to make my life easier/happier/better. Nevertheless, I am so thankful that I have what I do have and I could be happy living here for a long time!

I am thankful for my extended family. My side of the family joined us today for a thanksgiving feast. It was wonderful to be surrounded by them after just finding out we had lost this pregnancy. I got to host my older sister and her family, so my comfort started almost immediately after finding out about our loss. My mom was there right away as well! The cherry on top was that we all got to Skype with my older brother who is in Afghanistan serving our country.

So this year, I.....

"Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." I Th. 5:18

In Him,
Lacie Hutchins

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shopping Scanners and Rock Stars

Jesstine recently acquired a toy from the neighbors. It is a shopping scanner complete with groceries, cash register, credit card, money and even helps with phonics!!! It was a HUGE hit! It will be a great addition to what Jesstine hopes that a certain jolly holiday figure will be bringing her for Christmas this year, a play kitchen! Not only does she love it, her best friend, Kylie, loves it as well. They even played well without fighting.....too much! Here are a few photos in case my description didn't do it justice!

It seems that we may have our own little rock music lover! She loves to ride in Daddy's car. I may have discovered why! Stephen had to take my car to get something fixed, so I took his car to work today and played his music for Jesstine on our way home. This is what happened:

(I have already been asked how I got this video while driving. I did not look back behind me at her, I just held the phone over my shoulder. And because it was on my cell phone, the picture is VERY small! SORRY!)

In Him,

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend With Family

We just spent a terrific weekend with our family in Northeastern Oklahoma. I was such a great trip and Jesstine had a blast! She was such a great traveler and we came home with lots of treasures for her! Here are a few photos and a run down of the events of the weekend!

We decided to leave as soon as we were awake on Friday morning and make our first stop near Tahlequah, Oklahoma where my father-in-law and his family grew up. I have been in touch with Stephen's aunt, Sandra, on Facebook. She has been so wonderful and is just in LOVE with Jesstine. So, we asked if she and Gilbert (Stephen's uncle), would like for us to drop by. We drove by the home where my father-in-law grew up. I can't imagine how much it has changed in the eyes of my husband or his dad and dad's brothers. I noticed a change and I have only seen it on three or four different occasions. Here are some pictures of what was waiting for us:

This is a quilt that Sandra made for SPECIAL for Jesstine! It is AMAZING! The pictures don't do it justice. It is a masterpiece! I remember this quilting pattern from when I was a little girl. It is a pattern that is a classic. It is called Sun Bonnet Sue. There are the little touches that make it special. It shows some of Jesstine's personality with some of the things she likes best (for instance the soccer ball in the center square). Then there is the fact that some of the fabric on this quilt is actually from the collection of fabric that Jesstine's Great Grandmother, Jessie, (part of her namesake as well) used in her own quilting! There is a little letter attached to the corner that Sandra wrote for Jesstine describing the different aspects of it!
Another look (and thank you Sandra for the pictures).

Jesstine LOVED rolling around on it! I hope she appreciates the significance of it someday. Stephen and I certainly appreciate Sandra's thoughtfulness in making this for our little Jesstine!!

Making herself at home on Sandra and Gilbert's couch!

Along with the beautiful quilt, Sandra and Gilbert teamed up and created a doll bed for Jesstine, complete with mattress and doll quilt! Dumpty really appreciated this! Jesstine even tried to climb in it! She will NOT be doing that again!

Another shot of the quilt!

I think this was after lunch when Jesstine was SO tired!
After lunch, Jesstine, Stephen and Gilbert went for a walk. I had recently bought Jesstine a pair of rain boots like she has been begging for for 6 months! It started to rain so they came inside. Jesstine was inside for maybe 10 mins. and was really restless, so Gilbert took her outside! Below is the picture we got just before we left. Jesstine and Gilbert had a blast playing outside!! Can't wait to go back again!
Uncle Gilbert, Aunt Sandra and Jesstine.

Jesstine playing in the arch at the end of the beautiful walkway leading up to Gilbert and Sandra's GORGEOUS house!

This is on the van ride to our next destination. Jesstine was fussing because she wasn't going to get to watch a DVD. I was trying to get a picture of her pouty face.
Anyone who has ever traveled with us or heard of our travels knows that Jesstine does NOT sleep well in the car! We weren't optimistic, but she was pretty tired. With in a few moments, this is what I saw! Amazingly this happened not once, but TWICE on our trip. She slept for about an hour after seeing Gilbert and Sandra and then again on our trip home today.

After going to Gilbert and Sandra's, we went to Stephen's brother's house in Broken Arrow. My sister-in-love invited me to a lady's dinner Friday night (which I really enjoyed). Then Saturday we all trekked out into the cold to watch my nephews, Noah and Ian, play their final soccer games of the season. We enjoyed an evening at their house while Ian had a birthday party to attend. Then we all got up Sunday morning and headed to church! The kids all had a blast together! It amazes me the bond that Jesstine and Ian have! She has a great bond with Noah and Connor too, but Ian and her are two peas in a pod! We had such a great time but you always know you have had a great "vacation" when you are glad to be home. The whole trip home, Jesstine kept saying, "Want to go home, Mommy!" When we sat down to dinner, she said, "Want to go Aunt Jenni house." LOVE that girl!
In Him,

Friday, November 5, 2010

Professional Halloween Pictures

I normally wouldn't get professional photographs of Jesstine done for Halloween. We have a nice lady at church who has just started to do photography as a business. She was running a special for Halloween. She was doing a mini shoot of kids in their costumes for $20! I jumped at the opportunity and can't be happier! This year, Jesstine was a "Black Monkey." Okay, so she was actually a Gorilla. She didn't understand gorilla though because she was set on being a monkey. When the first costume fell through, I found one JUST like it only black. We at least showed her what a gorilla sounds like. In one of the pictures below you can see her "black monkey" sounds. Thank you Jennifer Miller at Jennifer Miller Media for the beautiful memories! You can check out her site here.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Hopefully I will have more of the professional pictures like the one in the header in a later post!