Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shopping Scanners and Rock Stars

Jesstine recently acquired a toy from the neighbors. It is a shopping scanner complete with groceries, cash register, credit card, money and even helps with phonics!!! It was a HUGE hit! It will be a great addition to what Jesstine hopes that a certain jolly holiday figure will be bringing her for Christmas this year, a play kitchen! Not only does she love it, her best friend, Kylie, loves it as well. They even played well without fighting.....too much! Here are a few photos in case my description didn't do it justice!

It seems that we may have our own little rock music lover! She loves to ride in Daddy's car. I may have discovered why! Stephen had to take my car to get something fixed, so I took his car to work today and played his music for Jesstine on our way home. This is what happened:

(I have already been asked how I got this video while driving. I did not look back behind me at her, I just held the phone over my shoulder. And because it was on my cell phone, the picture is VERY small! SORRY!)

In Him,

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