Saturday, March 15, 2008

Another Herm Moment

From what we can tell, Herm has a good head on his/her shoulders!

Herm, 16 weeks (shhh! someone's sleeping!)

Okay, so I had kind of a scary moment this week. On Thursday I was walking down my stairs and was near the bottom when I coughed. My foot slipped out from under me and I proceeded to slip down the steps. I slid down two-three stairs on my back side! I got up right away and was more worried about Herm than anything, so I didn't feel any pain right away. I called the doctor and they got me in that afternoon just to check to make sure Herm was okay. Thank goodness I fell right on the fleshy part of my bum! I fell the best way possible. It is also good that Herm is not so far along because he/she is still quite cushioned inside of me at the moment. Everything is fine. In fact, by the time we got to the doctor's office, Herm was fast asleep. The heartrate was high (162), but mostly because mine was! I also have a very high resting heartrate, so my babies are likely to have high heartrates. Sorry, Mom, I guess that throws your heartrate theory out at least for me and my babies! Anyhow, we are so thankful our little avacado is safe and doing well. We did get a great shot of Herm's head. We'd like to think our little one has a good head on his/her shoulders!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Latest on Herm

Well, a week ago we had our latest Herm appointment. Not really much to report. I guess this is when no news is good news. At the next appointment, we schedule one of the big sonograms. A few weeks after that we will be able to have the sonogram to look at the heart. Herm is getting big though. I am slowly starting to gain weight. I still have a pound to go before I catch up to what I was when I first got pregnant. My belly is measuring 1 week ahead which is normal. Herm and I are at 16 weeks today, so Herm is about the size of an avacado. Herm is really starting to develop the soccer skills that will be needed when he/she arrives! Herm's heartrate was at 150 bpm at the appointment. At the beginning of my pregnancy, my friend Kim loaned me her fetal heart monitor. It is older and better than the ones you can find in the stores today. About three weeks ago, I was able to find Herm's heartbeat on my own! I tell you, this has been a great comfort to me! I have grown to depend on it! We will be leaving for a cruise on March 16, and I will NOT be taking it with me! It is going to take a lot for me to leave it at home! I will really have to commit to trusting in God. We all appreciate your continued your prayers on Herm's behalf. We will let you know when there is anymore news!