Friday, June 27, 2008

Our Little Monkey

Well, we had another appointment yesterday. I was supposed to have it today, but because Jesstine was not moving as much, we ended up having it yesterday. The doctor did a sonogram and she finally moved! It is so amazing what you can see on the sonograms now! Last time it was her swallowing and this time we actually saw hair on her head!!! It was so cool! She is fine. I was of course just worried. As soon as we left the doctor's office, she moved most of the rest of the night. Most of the time she moves so much, I have started calling her my little monkey! It really fits because her room has a jungle theme. We recently added her name sign above her bed! Look at the pictures below and see what you think! Just a heads up too, when we talked to the doctor yesterday, we discussed inducing. He said he would like to send us in for an amniocentesis and if it comes back that her lungs are ready, he will induce right then. We are planning that for the morning of August 8 unless she decides to come earlier! We hope everyone is doing well! Only six more weeks and you will be seeing REAL pictures of our little monkey, Lord willing!

Lacie, Stephen and Jesstine Hutchins

Friday, June 13, 2008


Well, we are only eight weeks away from getting to see our little Jesstine. We had an appointment today. We actually went in last Wednesday as well because she wasn't moving much. It turns out, she was moving. She was just laying in a position where I couldn't feel most of the movements. Today all of my measurements were great. I had even gained a little over two more pounds! I told the nurse that this is the one and only time that a woman is glad to see the weight go up! Some women may not like to see it go up, but I know it needs too so the baby is healthy! I have been having a lot of BH contractions today, so the doctor went ahead and checked my cervix. He said that it was still closed tight, but that he could feel the baby's head pushing up against it. He said that this is the time he would expect to feel that. So, she is head down (from what we can tell) and growing well! I can tell she is bigger because I feel feet in my ribs a lot more often and I now have the waddle! So, so far Jesstine is doing well and I am doing well. We are still taking it a day at a time. We are also slowly getting her room ready for when she comes back. I have picked up a few things here and there that I know will be essential. Thanks for your prayers! Please continue to pray for this little one and for my anxiety! I had a pretty good week this week, but I still have my good days and bad days! There are days where I check her heartbeat 3 times a day. There are other days where I check it 20! The doctor thinks it is harmless and is glad that I can find some solice.

We love you all!
Lacie, Stephen, and Jesstine