Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is hard to believe it, but another Thanksgiving has come and gone! This year was very fun!! We don't normally travel for Thanksgiving! We usually are the ones smoking the turkey and hosting at our place. This year we were invited to spend the holiday with Stephen's uncle, Jim and aunt, Susan in Bartlesville, Ok. We had so much fun! They have such a BEAUTIFUL home! We had good food and great company! Jesstine was a good traveler as well! She really liked Uncle Jim and Aunt Susan! There were times I thought she liked Aunt Susan more than she liked her mommy!!! We were having SUCH a good time, we failed to take many pictures! When I found a Kodak moment, all I had was my phone! Those don't always turn out the best! The day after Thanksgiving Day, we went to Stephen's brother's house to spend some time with them! Oh, and Jesstine and I were blessed to have Stephen home ALL week this week! Here is a little glimpse into our world in the days leading up to Thanksgiving and on the actual day itself!

Here is a little photo of Jesstine eating a sucker! She was upset when I wouldn't let her roam around with it. She ended up getting it taken away. Yes, I am a paranoid mom! I also didn't want to clean sticky off of her clothing, so she wore a bib as she hate it too!

Here she is reading the "paper." It is actually the church bulletin.

As I said before, we usually host Thanksgiving at our house. We still had to get some smoked turkey into our plans, so on Tuesday night, my family came over and enjoyed some wonderful smoked turkey and the traditional Thanksgiving fixins. Here Jesstine and Grandma (my mom) are enjoying a little RandR while we await the smoked turkey!

Here is Jesstine chillaxing with her Uncle Greg (my brother). Notice she is wearing her "pretties."

This is our favorite time every day! We get to cuddle as a family each morning! This particular morning, Jesstine woke up and I brought her to our bed as usual. She actually slept on my chest for another 15 mins. or so! She hasn't done that since she was an infant! Mommy didn't mind!!!

A couple of days later, we couldn't leave Daddy out!
This is Jesstine with Aunt Susan! Susan was so much fun to play with! She chased Jesstine, Noah, and Ian around the back yard. She took us all for a walk to the duck pond. She was just SO much fun! Jesstine LOVED giving her hugs!
Yes, they had a Wii! Yes, I HAD to play the Wii!! As you will notice, my little protege', Jesstine, had to join me!

(Photo work by SAH on this one)

Here are my WONDERFUL nephews, (RtoL) Ian, Connor (in the car), and Noah.
I was reminded many times this year that I am so thankful to have the life that I have! Even in times when I am not having the best day, I remind myself that these moments make it all worth while! I am SO thankful for such a wonderful family God gave me by birth and by marriage! God is GOOD! That is all that needs to be said!
We hope all of you had a terrific holiday! May God continue to bless you!
In Him,
Lacie, Stephen, and Jesstine

Saturday, November 14, 2009


This is kind of a hodge podge of pictures. I had to clear off some pictures from this week's visit to my sister's house and noticed I hadn't pulled off some really cute ones from a while back!

This is a picture from when my big brother came up to visit! Jesstine thought he was so cool! She even cuddled up to him for a picture or two! I put this one in black and white because it made it so precious! We miss you Uncle Billie!

This picture was taken on one of the few actual cold days that we have had this fall! Jesstine and I were on our way to her first parade! Daddy was in KC with Uncle Seth for a Cowboy's football game, so us girls had some fun of our own! I LOVE this picture! She looks so beautiful!

This is a picture of Jesstine at my mom's houst. She is so proud of herself! She is sitting in a rocking chair that my grandfather sat in when he was a little boy! She is getting to be such a big girl and it was so neat to see this heirloom being passed down and to think that my daughter is sitting in the same chair my grandpa, mom, and myself sat in as small children!

Now on to the next set of pictures. As I mentioned my mom, Jesstine and I took a road trip to see my older sister and family this week! My sister had just celebrated her birthday and we thought it would be good to go down and wish her a happy birthday in person! While we were there, her MOPS group was doing a fundraiser to support all of their functions for the rest of the year. They had a photographer come in and do "old timey" pictures. We thought it would be neat to get all of the girls together to do it! It was SO much fun! We had some waiting time after we got the three girls dressed and so I tried my own hand at the "old timey" photography with my camera phone. I got a couple of good shots! The other pictures are just from the playtime that the kids all had! These girls are going to be trouble someday! Charis and Jesstine are just starting to realize that they are the same height and age. They are really starting to notice each other and play more. There were several times when they would stand face to face and poke each other almost as if to see if the other was real or not! It was so sweet! I got a picture of them hugging as we were leaving, but it is so blurry, it doesn't do the moment justice! Without further adieu, here are the pictures!

This was the original shot that I took of Jesstine in her "old timey" dress. Grace bought a set of pearls that magnetically clasp in the back. Jesstine thought they were so much fun! She wore them for the entire time we were doing photos. It worked because it fit the setting well.

Here is the shot in a sepia tone and zoomed in. The blurriness almost makes it more "old timey!" It is now the wallpaper on my phone! She reminds me of my mom in this picture!

Here she is strutting her stuff and showing she can walk! She had a good time just walking from place to place just showing she could do it! It also made for a cute picture albeit blurry!

Uncle Murray thought it would be fun to put a cheesehead on Jesstine and rub it in Daddy's face! The Cowboy's (Stephen's favorite NFL team) and the Packers (Murray's favorite) play on Sunday this week! Notice Jesstine is trying really hard to push it off of her head!!!!

Here are just a few pictures of the girls (Alexis 3, Jesstine 15 months, and Charis 13.5 months) playing! This vehicle didn't have a working battery, so it didn't move. They had fun climbing in it together though!

As always we pray that all is well and thank you for stopping by to see what Jesstine is up to!

In Him,
Lacie, Stephen, and Jesstine

Saturday, November 7, 2009