Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Little Scare

We had somewhat of a scare this week. I will be 11 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Wednesday I got up to go to the bathroom and I had a LOT of bleeding. In case you don't know already, that is NOT supposed to happen. I had to wait through the night and call first thing in the morning to get in to see the doctor. My mom went with me today and here is what we saw:

Baby is 100% fine as far as we can tell. He or she even jumped for me a little when I laughed. There are no signs of distress. We are unsure where the blood is coming from. Everything looks terrific! As a matter of fact, the top of the picture shows that I am at 10 weeks and 6 days today. The bottom shows how he or she is measuring from crown to rump. Further more, we THINK we were able to determine what sex this baby is, but because it is SO early and everything is SO small, we are going to wait a little longer to tell people for sure.

In Him,
The Hutchins'

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday!

Easter best.
Tried to get a picture like I did for the last two years, didn't look quite as good this time.
What's this?
Her "microphone." It's actually just a light that spins.

Mater firetruck.
She added it with her new train on her train track. (She got the green train in her Easter basket.)
Chocolate bunny! You have to hear her say it! It is the cutest thing EVER!
(Camera battery was dying at this point) Heart bracelets.
Hello Kitty nail polish that matched her Easter dress.
Most of the loot.

After church she put on some Easter play clothes!
Ready for another Easter egg hunt.
Found one!
Here's another one!

Hope your Easter was as blessed as ours was!

In Him,
The Hutchins'

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Zoo Eggstravigansa

We went to the zoo this morning after a nice breakfast with my family. It was a little chilly, but mostly fun! They have something called "Easter Eggstravigansa" each year. We checked it out. Jesstine had to take her paper to 6 different stations to collect prizes and candy. Then she had to count all of the plywood eggs all around the zoo. At the end near the exit she had to tell how many eggs we saw. I don't think she was anywhere close, but they gave her this prize anyway!
Our little Easter bunny!

This was taken on a friend's cell phone. She was really cheesing it up!

Stay tuned for more fun Easter pictures!

In Him,
The Hutchins

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Fun!

We had a little Easter fun today with our good friends! Here are a few pictures from our morning of fun!

CHEESE!! Okay Mom, take the picture already!

Don't know why, just love this picture hence it being the new heading on the blog!

We were joking that Kylie's basket wasn't big enough and that it may be useful to pot a plant in later on! LOL! She HAD to have it so her grandma got it for her.

He couldn't partake in any of the hunting, but as soon as the eggs were empty he went to town! This is Carter!

There was even a little time to play after hunting for eggs and eating the candy inside!

After nap, Jesstine got to dye her own eggs! This was our first time and I think I am a little TOO organized. She was in her underwear so she didn't get dye on her clothes. Then I didn't even let her touch it with her hands! She pretty much just told me what color she wanted and then I helped her turn the eggs as needed.

And here are the finished products! There are only 8 because I am the only one who will eat them later! Plus it was just Jesstine and I dying them, so I figured we didn't need that many! If you look closely there is one for Stephen Daddy, Lacie Mommy, Babe B., Jesstine, and Baby 3. The others are just extra.

In Him,
The Hutchins'

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Time Honored Tradition

It is a time honored tradition in this family for the Hutchins' grandkids to mow the lawns with their dads. It is just in their blood.
Well, boys, look out! Even GIRLS can mow the lawn with their dads!

Here she goes starting her mower.

Ready, set....GO!!

It's hard work!

When all else fails, just pull it up the hill!

If the grass is too long, try mowing the sidewalk instead!

And don't forget the driveway!

In Him,
The Hutchins'

Saturday, April 9, 2011

In Case You Haven't Heard.....

The next baby Hutchins should be arriving around Thanksgiving this year! We had our first appointment yesterday and everything looked great. Was disappointed that we didn't get to listen to the heartbeat. We at least got to see it! You know it is a good thing when your doctor, who has seen this kind of thing MANY times before, is even excited for you!

And of course here is the proud BIG SISTER!!! I have been asking Jesstine if she would like a brother or a sister. For two days she said brother. When we asked her as we were looking at the sonogram, she decided she wanted a sister!

In Him,
The Hutchins'

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance

My cousin got married the day that we saw Elmo. He had a dance afterwards. I was able to capture a special moment with Jesstine and her Daddy! I also got video, but we will see if that makes it to the blog! It is currently sideways and not compressed. Hopefully when my husband is not so busy he can work on it for me! Until then, I leave you with this touching picture!

In Him,
The Hutchins'

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Elmo's Healthy Heroes

Today was the big day! We got to reward J with the second half of filling up her potty chart! We took her to see Sesame Street live! Here are a few moments from our fun time today!

All geared up (literally from head to toe) with Elmo on her shirt, underwear, socks and bow. Not to mention she brought one of her stuffed Elmo toys with her!
In the car. She is getting tired of me trying to get her excited to go. She was excited, but she just wanted to go! Put the camera away Mom!!!

Standing in front of the "big tv" as she calls it. We weren't really supposed to go this far in this direction, but the usher was nice and let us take a photo op!

There were no cardboard cutouts this year. Daddy found the next best thing on the edge of one of the gift stations.

Anxiously awaiting the start of the show!

Elmo's dramatic entrance into the show!

Oh, no! Super Grover has lost his superness!

Someone has to be super in his stead!

Finished with her snacks now she is clutching her Elmo.

Time to get up and shake her booty.

Who are our unlikely heroes going to be?! The Fabulous 4! But Zoe thinks it should be the Fabulous 5 including her pet rock, Rocco!

After much discussion, the other's reluctantly agree.

There's Abby Cadabby as, "Glitter Girl."

Zoe and her pet rock, Rocco as "Wonder Zoe and Roc Roc."

And Telly as "Triangle Boy!" In case you don't know, Telly LOVES triangles!

I have a picture of Elmo later as, "Captain Fuzzy!"

Their first call of duty is to help Old MacDonald on her farm. She is trying to determine what to have for lunch. Her lunch is gone! The Fabulous Five save the day with a tuna fish sandwich, apple and glass of ice cold milk.

Still not sure how the sheep and Cookie Monster in kilts fit in, but got a good picture.

In the meantime they decide to hold a "cape" fashion show thinking that perhaps all Super Grover needs is a new cape. Check out the cape Bert is sporting!

Here is Abby's chance to save the day. Big Bird is playing a game of hide and seek with Ernie. He just can't seem to find him.

Abby suggests that perhaps a nap will help him to become a little more rested and sharper so that he can find Ernie. In a dream, Big Bird dreams that Ernie is on the moon, thus getting his answer as to where to find Ernie.

Now it's "Captain Fuzzy's" turn to save the day! Elmo's World is in trouble! See for yourself below!

Oh no! It is now Oscar's World and it is FILTHY! Instead of Dorothy the goldfish, there is an iguana named Gene.

Despite the look of this picture, our seats were relatively close. Closer than last time I believe. She decided rather than getting another "concert shirt," she wanted these instead. I think it was a good choice!

Elmo was trying to convince Oscar about certain things about hygiene. Here they are talking about combing their hair. Check out Rossita and Bert's hair styles!

Jesstine even had a friend to sit by! A friend and former colleague of mine told me she was looking to take her daughter, Michaela, to see Elmo as well. We decided to just meet up and go together. Michaela is a few weeks younger than Babe B. Here mommy and I were pregnant at the same time.

Now it's Zoe and Rocco's turn to try their hand at this super hero stuff. I told Stephen that the human character, Kay, probably stole her dress from the Minnie Mouse touring group!

Zoe has to convince Cookie Monster, that it is better to eat lots of colorful foods rather than just cookies!

They then have to help Super Grover figure out how to get back his Superness. At this point, Michaela suggested that perhaps he was feeling poorly because he needed to poop. LOL! Us three adults laughed long and hard about that. The Fabulous Five informed him of all of the ways they helped others and that perhaps by doing these things, Grover would get his superness back. And it worked as you can see!

Michaela REALLY liked Jesstine!

Super Grover can fly now!

Yeah the Grand Finale!!!

Overall, Stephen and I were not as impressed with the storyline of this production as we were of the one last year. We both thought that the part about Rocco was pushed way too much and it got to be REALLY annoying. What matters is that Jesstine had a great time and got a new friend! We are so proud of our big girl!

It is always tradition when leaving or walking to the arena here in town, that Jesstine rides on her Daddy's shoulders. This was certainly no exception! Since she didn't want a concert shirt, we opted for a pennant instead (a flag as she calls it) that we could hang in her room to commemorate this fun family time we shared.

The day was not quite over though! After a quick bite to eat and some well needed rest, we had a wedding to attend. Pictures to follow soon!

In Him,
The Hutchins'