Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Fun!

We had a little Easter fun today with our good friends! Here are a few pictures from our morning of fun!

CHEESE!! Okay Mom, take the picture already!

Don't know why, just love this picture hence it being the new heading on the blog!

We were joking that Kylie's basket wasn't big enough and that it may be useful to pot a plant in later on! LOL! She HAD to have it so her grandma got it for her.

He couldn't partake in any of the hunting, but as soon as the eggs were empty he went to town! This is Carter!

There was even a little time to play after hunting for eggs and eating the candy inside!

After nap, Jesstine got to dye her own eggs! This was our first time and I think I am a little TOO organized. She was in her underwear so she didn't get dye on her clothes. Then I didn't even let her touch it with her hands! She pretty much just told me what color she wanted and then I helped her turn the eggs as needed.

And here are the finished products! There are only 8 because I am the only one who will eat them later! Plus it was just Jesstine and I dying them, so I figured we didn't need that many! If you look closely there is one for Stephen Daddy, Lacie Mommy, Babe B., Jesstine, and Baby 3. The others are just extra.

In Him,
The Hutchins'

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