Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Week

Well, as the title says, it was another week in the life of the Hutchins. Jesstine and I have tried to enjoy the weather as much as possible. We were supposed to meet some friends after nap, but her little friend slept late. We ended up going to the zoo ourselves and having a good time! Another day this week, we got to spend some time outside with Daddy! He came home early to enjoy the nice weather with us. Then Friday, we got to go to the zoo again with Jesstine's friend Kylie. She is just a few weeks older than Jesstine and they get along quite well. The girls had a good time at the zoo! On Saturday, Jesstine and I spent the morning running around town doing some errands. We washed the car in the car wash. She got scared and the van didn't get very clean! Then we went shopping for groceries and a few other things. While doing the grocery shopping, I found an inexpensive tea set. So her and daddy had a tea party! We enjoyed our week, but are really looking forward to more consistent warm weather! So, here are some pictures of our week in review.

She really seemed to like the penguins. So, she posed near a statue of one!

"Howdy Penguin!"

"Let's see, I am about as big as this one!"

This beautiful creature was there to greet us in the Asian Farm section of the zoo!

Had to ride the horse!
This swan was one of the first animals we saw on this trip.
Playing soccer with Daddy. "HAND BALL!"She wouldn't kick it. She just wanted to carry it!
Here she is with Kylie.

Riding the horse with Kylie.

More with the Penguins.
Tea Party with Daddy!

We told her to take a drink of tea so she put the tea pot spout in her mouth!

And of course feeding Dumpty in the new booster seat. What a big girl!
Until next time!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Family and Jesstine's 18 Month Photos

These are the raw images so if you see arms and feet off to the side, know that they have been cropped out. Some of them even had some other editing done to enhance the picture (as if they needed it!).

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Last year at this time, my hubby was out of town and Jesstine and I were here at home entertaining my sister and her kids. She couldn't make it up this year. Stephen had to work, but not out of town this year. So, we spent the week trying to keep ourselves busy. Well, I had a cold for the first part of the week, so it was more like I had to keep Jesstine busy! Here is a little bit of what we did!

By Tuesday, I was trying to figure out something she could do while I was lazy. It didn't really work out that way, but I found her something to do. I found a sale at Target on a playdoh set that came with a mat, tools and 20 small tubs of playdoh. We had playdoh in playgroup a couple of weeks ago, but she wouldn't play with it. So, here she is playing with it in her booster seat!

We had plans to go to the zoo at some point this week because it was supposed to warm up. So, we picked up some sunglasses or "gasses" as Jesstine calls them. Here she is taking them for a spin on her slide!

Wednesday I tried about 3 different sets of clothing on her! The first was a set of overalls that were too big. The second was a set of pants that guessed it, too big. Then it dawned on me after reading some posts on facebook that it was St. Patrick's day! I had the perfect clothes for her to wear so she would stay pinch free. Isn't she cute?!

Thursday, my mom and I packed the van up for a day trip to OKC to see my sister, nieces and nephew, and go to the zoo....ALONG WITH EVERYONE ELSE IN OKC!!!! Here are a few pics of the kids. We didn't get to see many animals. I could probably count the ones we did see all on one hand! LOL!

I have said it once and I will say it again: these girls are going to be trouble! They are so darn cute though!

There was a line that went all of the way out of the Children's Zoo (new section of OKC zoo) petting zoo, so we had to see the goats from a far. She really liked them and I found a great opportunity to take a cute picture!

Here she is listening to the Beach Boys and waiting for the Sea Lion show. Got to use the new "gasses" after all!

The sea lion on his way down from touching the ball with his nose.

Just another sea lion picture.

It didn't take long with no nap all day and a lot of walking around the zoo for this to happen on the car ride home! She was actually watching one of her favorite shows on the DVD player! We were stopped at the Cowboy Museum and it was just so peaceful that she went right to sleep! Clutching Dumpty of course!

Grandma fed her some chicken nuggets on the way home. Grandma was very generous with the sweet and sour sauce! Jesstine LOVED it! She ate all four of her nuggets, a few fries and half of a banana!

Today was the last weekday of Spring Break 2010, so we took a trip to play at a friend's house. Kylie came to our house on Wednesday, so we went to her house Friday. Jesstine LOVED it! After a day cooped up in the van for three hours at a time, she was ready to run the wide open spaces that Kylie had at her house out in the country. Kylie is used to just running up and down the long driveway, but with Jesstine there, she was more willing to explore. They walked ALL OVER the place! It was so fun to watch!
Here's to a good Spring Break complete with sunburn just in time for pictures tomorrow!
Hope you had a great week too!
In Him,
Lacie and Jesstine

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Little Bit of Last Week, Little of This Week

I was going through some of my pictures on my phone and realized that I REALLY needed to sort, delete, and save some things! As a result, this is a little bit of last week and a little bit of this week.

No, you aren't mistaken. This is NOT Jesstine! My friend, Cheri, called me on Monday of last week and needed someone to watch her little girl. I was more than happy! Jesstine and I took her to playgroup with us and she LOVED this giraffe!

Here Jesstine is playing at the "pretend play" corner of playgroup. I think they are putting the dishes away.

I LOVE this picture! As you have seen from previous posts, Jesstine has really enjoyed putting on her tutu and dancing lately. This is currently the wallpaper on my phone! And in the background, you can see my dirty kitchen!

Last Friday, we went to the zoo because it was SO nice! We invited my mom along. She was actually watching my cousin's little boy (my second cousin), Andyn. We had a GREAT time! We all slept well that night!

It was so nice that same day, we decided to play outside after nap. This is her playhouse under our deck. I am really looking forward to letting her play more with this as it warms up. I even have some foam puzzle pieces to put down so she doesn't have to sit on rocks!

This is on the neighbors' trampoline. She is learning to jump on solid ground as a result of this adventure!

More playhouse pictures with our neighbor, Ryan. Our neighbor boys bring such joy to our little girl! She refers to the both as "Bandon." Brandon is the oldest boy's name. I had a picture of him, but I accidentally hit delete instead of copy on my phone! I was disappointed! It was a good picture!

As you WELL know, we attended Sesame Street Live on Saturday. We had to come home with a "concert t-shirt!" It's a little big, so hopefully she will wear it for a while!

The other night I needed something to occupy Jesstine upstairs while I made dinner. She wanted to slide on her slide downstairs. So, I moved it upstairs! These are the foam puzzle pieces I was referring to earlier in this post. She currently uses them as a stage to do her "hot dog" dancing.

And last but not least, a few pictures she is going to HATE me for later! We aren't actively trying to potty train. I am trying to acclimate her to the potty. I will persue it more this summer when I am off of work and can devote more time to it. Right now, we attempt the potty fully clothed after waking up in the morning, before and after nap, and right before her bath. Sometimes I take her diaper off just in case we get lucky. For this try, she needed a book to read! PRICELESS!!

Here she is actually saying cheese!
As you can tell, we love our little girl! We feel so blessed that we have been given the chance to raise such a beautiful, smart, fun, loving little girl! Thanks for sharing in these moments with me! We hope that there are many more to come!
In Him,