Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Week

Well, as the title says, it was another week in the life of the Hutchins. Jesstine and I have tried to enjoy the weather as much as possible. We were supposed to meet some friends after nap, but her little friend slept late. We ended up going to the zoo ourselves and having a good time! Another day this week, we got to spend some time outside with Daddy! He came home early to enjoy the nice weather with us. Then Friday, we got to go to the zoo again with Jesstine's friend Kylie. She is just a few weeks older than Jesstine and they get along quite well. The girls had a good time at the zoo! On Saturday, Jesstine and I spent the morning running around town doing some errands. We washed the car in the car wash. She got scared and the van didn't get very clean! Then we went shopping for groceries and a few other things. While doing the grocery shopping, I found an inexpensive tea set. So her and daddy had a tea party! We enjoyed our week, but are really looking forward to more consistent warm weather! So, here are some pictures of our week in review.

She really seemed to like the penguins. So, she posed near a statue of one!

"Howdy Penguin!"

"Let's see, I am about as big as this one!"

This beautiful creature was there to greet us in the Asian Farm section of the zoo!

Had to ride the horse!
This swan was one of the first animals we saw on this trip.
Playing soccer with Daddy. "HAND BALL!"She wouldn't kick it. She just wanted to carry it!
Here she is with Kylie.

Riding the horse with Kylie.

More with the Penguins.
Tea Party with Daddy!

We told her to take a drink of tea so she put the tea pot spout in her mouth!

And of course feeding Dumpty in the new booster seat. What a big girl!
Until next time!

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