Saturday, March 6, 2010


So, we did it. We took Jesstine to see Sesame Street Live! It's only been her number one favorite thing (aside for her mommy) since she was three months old! It was kind of on a whim I guess you could say. We were at a hockey game last weekend (see earlier post) and I had mentioned to Stephen that some of my playgroup mom friends were taking their kids to see Sesame Street Live. We discussed how much tickets were and decided to go! I got pretty good seats considering I didn't buy them until the Monday before. All of my friends had theirs a few weeks ago! Anyhow, it turns out it was a GREAT decision! She LOVED it! She wasn't overwhelmed. She sat still mostly. She really just kind of took it all in! At one point she even started just pointing and screaming different characters' names! There were several times I looked at her as she watched the show and I just wanted to cry with joy. I was having one of those unforgettable moments my mom always wishes that she had with me and my siblings. I am so glad that we got to share that with her! Now to write down some of the memories in captions of photos so that we can look back and say, "I remember when you were 18 months old and you got to see Sesame Street Live!"

We chose to bring in Jesstine's portable booster chair which turned out to be a good thing! We put her diaper bag in the seat, portable booster on top and she had NO trouble seeing at all! It was mostly sturdy and she had both of us on her sides to make sure she was not going to fall.
We got to the show early and had to allow her to walk. This was where she was a little too young to understand why we were at this big building. No matter how many times we told her that she was going to see Elmo, I don't think it really sunk in until she saw the characters on stage. So, we walked for a little while and found this cardboard cutout. Photo op!!!! After this, we walked back to our seats and she started to fuss because she didn't understand. Didn't take long for her to catch on though! By the way, that is a Cookie Monstor removable tatoo on her hand. It was leftover from her party 6 months ago!

We have an Elmo harness (leash if you will) that we use to give her a little more freedom. It acted as our Elmo cuddle toy as the show started! TOO CUTE, right?!

The show was called Elmo and Friends, 1,2,3 Imagine. It seemed to feature Big Bird more often than Elmo though. This was the opening of the show featuring, not Elmo, but Big Bird.

They have all just received post cards from places all over the world. They are talking (singing and dancing actually) about how they wish they could actually go to those places.

So they imagined that they were in those places! The first place was Mexico. Rosita's grandmother was celebrating her birthday with a traditional pinata.

I liked this one. Ernie got a postcard from a ship captain. Here they all are on the SS Rubber Duckie!

No, she is not scared of something she is seeing. They were told to 1-close their eyes; 2-think of the place they wanted to go to; and 3-imagine they were there. She doesn't understand how to close her eyes if asked to. So, she covers them. But she still had to be able to see the show!

Here one of the characters imagined being in the ocean. Here is the octopus! A side note to this one is that Jesstine just learned to say octopus this week. She actually says the plural form, octopi, for some reason! Sorry it's blurry. My camera doesn't do well in the dark! I fought with the darn thing the ENTIRE time because of the battery too! If you have suggestions on an inexpensive camera that does great for just point and shoot photos, but does well in the dark, I am all ears!

Here they went to the beach. They sang "Surfn' USA." It was just a little odd to me though to hear Bert talking about getting his "honeys" together to go surfing!

Daddy found a great time to get a picture of his girls! This was the third take, but what a charm!

Of course no Sesame Street show would be complete without Elmo's World!

After the intermission, she wanted to move around more. She switched between Daddy, Mommy and dancing in front of her chair on the floor. Perhaps 90 min. was just barely too long for her to last!

This one was really cute! I also got great pictures of it. This was Baby Bear imagining that he was in the forest with his aunt and uncle.

Again, I can't remember what the postcard was for this one, but it was supposed to be some kind of festival like Carnival or Mardi Gras. Very colorful and the music was cute. I think they did "Hot, Hot, Hot" for this one. The pictures turned out well too.

This is one of our favorite Sesame Street tunes! It is called, "I Would Like To Visit The Moon." Again, blurry pictures, but I had to try because it featured one of our other favorite characters, Abby Cadabby!

Here was the final number. I managed to get most of the characters in this cute pose! What a memory for Jesstine to look back on later!

And the last thing we saw was Elmo as the curtain closed!
One final note, I mentioned that she had to call out the names of the characters as she started to recognize what was going on. She called out characters periodically through the entire show as she recognized them. Elmo was mentioned the most probably (OF COURSE), but Cookie Monster was a very close second! She also mentioned Grover quite a few times although he never said anything in the production.
We are so blessed to be able to take Jesstine to see this! We are blessed that she has the personality that she can enjoy it! God has blessed us in so many ways! This is just a tiny one compared to most!
In Him,

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