Monday, March 1, 2010

Hot Diggity Dog!!!

It has been a busy week full of lots of fun in our household! An errand to run for my sister-in-love who lives out of town, while on that side of town we went to the mall to play and then ate lunch with Stephen, a date night of ice skating and dinner at a restaurant we love that is going out of business, a day helping a friend clean her house, and a hockey game! Between all of this Jesstine discovered her two tutus and has been dancing her pants off!!! Here is a few pictures and videos of our weekend!

Here are just a few pictures from one of Jesstine's favorite places to play, the mall play place!

Stephen and I have always loved ice skating. At one point he even played hockey in a drop in league at the local ice center. We just don't get to go very often. I think the last time we went was at least 3 years ago! We call that time, BC or Before Children! It is always SO crowded, but at least this time we didn't have any injuries from kids skating the wrong way.

On Sunday night, we took Jesstine to the hockey game. It was at 5:00, so we thought it would be perfect. We got her home a little later than her normal bedtime, but she had a blast! The last time we went, she was still only 6 months old and just hung out on our laps the whole time! This time she wanted to walk. We were a little worried that she wouldn't be entertained, but she seemed to be pretty happy! We have even since then decided to go to Sesame Street Live next weekend! She was GREAT!! She danced to the music, ate pizza (see below), and tried to find Thunder Dog as often as possible! Here are a few pictures and a video.

This was HILARIOUS!! I had given Stephen a piece of pizza for him to eat while Jesstine was on his lap. He had turned away to talk to me and THIS is what happened! He wasn't even offering it to her! She just took a bite on her own!

1 diaper bag=makeshift booster seat!!

Make sure you turn the sound on your speakers down before playing this one. It is pretty loud!

Despite the fact that I say it was Jesstine's first hockey game, it isn't true. She has been to at least two in her lifetime. She just doesn't remember any of them.

Okay, so you are probably wondering what is up with the title of this post. Well, if you have seen an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, you will know right away! This is one of Jesstine's favorite shows. At the end they always do a little celebration dance to a song called "Hot Dog." Jesstine LOVES it! She has also recently discovered what a tutu is. She got two for her first birthday, but never would wear them before. Once she re-discovered them, she wants to wear it all of the time!!! We have managed to get some cute video of her attempt at some ballet moves! It is too soon to say, but I may enroll her in ballet as soon as she is old enough. She is really good at walking on her toes and seems really interested in ballerinas when she sees them on her pj's at night. Oh, and notice she has the monkey shirt on AGAIN! Needless to say we LOVE this girl!

Here is Jesstine's version of the "Hot Dog." Countless times a day she will ask for "HaDawg?" and "Tutu?" She will get up on the fireplace hearth and sing, "Ha Dawg, Ha Dawg, Ha Dawg!"
Hopefully next week we will be able to share some pictures from Sesame Street Live. Until then....
In Him,

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