Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pretend Play

Last week we had a house visit with our Parents As Teachers person. She talked about how "pretend play" was very important at this age. Jesstine has really just kind of started to do this on her own without much prompting. Her play is SO creative! I think she has her daddy's creative mind! Here is a little glimpse of this week's "pretend play."

Playing her guitar! She almost has the right form.

Feeding her baby, Dolly. (With a dirty spoon she found on the floor!!!!)
She got an American Girl catalog in the mail. She was SO excited she got in the house and put it on the floor and picked out the one she wanted!
More of the same!
Here is her "MONKEEEEEEE" in the same place that Dolly was! She has even tried to put the safety belt on the dolls she has tried to feed! I usually catch her doing this while saying, "EEET, EEET, EEET" which is what she does as I make dinner and she is ready to eat.

Can't forget to stay hydrated!

Here she is actually feeding her monkey. This is in three parts, so I hope you enjoy!


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