Sunday, February 14, 2010

Strollers, Blanket Forts and Monkeys (Chimps), Oh My!

First, I want to give a shout out to our friend and babysitter, Kara!! Kara was a life saver at the church Valentine's Dinner on Saturday night! We were going to leave Jesstine at home and allow Grandmom to come over and watch her then put her to bed. We decided at the last min. that because there we childcare at the church, we would let Jesstine go with us and play! We dropped her off in the gym and Kara was there! Jesstine is typically okay at church. We can usually drop her off and she just looks back and says goodbye. Only on a few occasions has she ever cried and threw a fit. That night was one of those! Because Kara was there and was able to find a ball for her, she was won over and did GREAT!! We love you Kara and thanks for winning our little girl's heart!
Now for the REST of the photos! As you all know it has been EXTREMELY cold in these parts of late! We have had at least three snow storms from Christmas to now. It has been increasingly difficult to keep from going stir crazy, especially with school being called off (as was playgroup)! We have been coming op with some creative things to do! You can see our adventures below!
We have explored the world of ghetto stroller driving complete with back turned Dallas Cowboys hat. Wouldn't you love to be the baby doll in this ride?! And don't you LOVE how the blue on this hat matches the blue on her shirt so perfectly? NOT!!

This is the stool that belongs to her piano that she got from Grandmom for Christmas. It has traveled to various places in the house that Jesstine wants to reach and knows she isn't supposed to! For instance, she came into the front room the other day with two pennies in her hands. I went to investigate how she could have possibly found said pennies. I found this stool up next to the dresser in our bedroom. Kind of suspicious! It has also been used to play the piano section of her Leap Frog Learn and Groove music table. I have to admit, she is creative like her father!

And what snowy day would be complete without a blanket fort. We are still working on the rules of blanket forts. I will outline them for you below.

Rule number 1-NEVER and I mean NEVER stand up in a blanket fort!!

Rule number 2-A blanket fort is NOT the same as a trampoline!
This is the result of Jesstine not understanding the two main blanket fort rules!

Jesstine has recently discovered Minnie Mouse. Always before when I tried to get her to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, she never was interested. Now, she is riveted!!! I was able to find a Minnie Mouse plush doll that is SO soft!! She loves it! You can't see, but in this photo, she is also wearing a Minnie Mouse sweat suit I found before she even really knew who Minnie was.

The weather was nice enough this Saturday for us to take a quick trip to the zoo. We are so blessed to have received a zoo membership from Grandmom for Christmas this year! As a result, we were able to decide on a whim that a trip to the zoo would be good! So, as soon as the little one was up from nap, we went to the zoo. Because of her recent fascination with Monkeys, we hit the Apes and Man exhibit first. Her she is with a close up view of a chimp. They were quite playful and ran around chasing quite a few times. She was again riveted!

Oh, and we have recently been allowing her a little more freedom. Thanks to Aunt Jenni, Uncle Seth, Noah, Ian and Connor, another Christmas present was put to good use! Her Elmo harness! She loves hugging Elmo while getting the freedom to walk on her own. It has a tether on the back (or leash if you will) so I can be comfortable allowing her to walk most of the time too. I had something similar when I was a kid. I didn't mind it so much and I am sure with 5 kids in tow, my mother found our leashes handy!

We didn't have too much time because it started to get cold very quickly. We were able to see the chimps, orangutans, giraffes, rhinos, elephants, hippos, a cat, baboons and the gorillas which were our last stop. Also at this point, Jesstine was saying hi to the animals up close to the glass and then saying goodbye in almost the same breath! She loved seeing them so close to her though! That membership is going to come in handy.
Until next time!

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