Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Missing Daddy

Daddy has been on a couple of business trips lately and we will be so happy when he returns tomorrow! Here are just a few pictures and a video of all the things that we have been doing to keep ourselves busy while he is gone.

Jesstine has started to be more adventurous and started climbing on stuff. Here she is climbing on her Leapfrog music table.

She has also discovered how to get on the couch without help. She loves to lay down and say "Nigh Nigh." She even practices putting her dolls down for a nap on the couch!

Oh, yes! The Goggles!!! This has been one of the most amazing things to keep her busy! I know some of you out there are thinking of all the things that could go horribly wrong here, but I watch her closely! It has turned out to be a great bath toy!

And of course no toy would be complete without trying it on her dolls! Here is her favorite companion (besides Mommy of course), Dumpty! I think they look nice!

This was Daddy's little companion when he was a little boy (after a body transplant...ask Stephen). Of course we had to try the goggles on Lion as well!

We spent Saturday evening at Grandmom's house. It was really cold this weekend. Jesstine's hair had a mind of it's own!

Grandmom gave her some mashed potatoes. She is trying to master the use of a spoon. She can get it to her mouth, just not in. That is where the tongue comes in handy!

This was after a nap on Saturday right before going to Grandmom's. This is NOT static! It was stuck up like this! I had to wet it down to get it to lay flat! Must have been a good nap!

Daddy is usually the one that does bath time. Here Jesstine is blowing bubbles in the water! She learned this in swim lessons at the age of 10 months, but never was brave enough to try it.....until now! We look forward to going back to the Y pool on Friday!

We miss you Daddy (Stephen)! We have had fun without you , but wish you were here to have fun with us!


Lacie and Jesstine

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