Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day

Well today is a snow day in our entire area. All of the area schools have cancelled (as I found out with a phone call from Maize and Wichita at about 5 this morning). I declared it PJ day. Stephen was gone to Pheonix overnight Wednesday night, so Jesstine was happy to see him when she woke up this morning (and when we got home last night). So, it being pj day and the first pretty snow of the season, we have had some fun!

How can you resist this face? Whenever Stephen or I eat cereal, Jesstine begs for a bite! Here, she had to sit on Daddy's lap....just to beg for cereal!!!

We decided to put some clothes on over our PJ's for a quick trip in the snow. This is the first year Jesstine really has recognized the snow. Last year we only had one snowfall and she was pretty oblivious to it. Compare this year (above) to last year (below).
Last year in the snow.
She became very concerned when her cat mittens got snow on them!

Just like the oldn' days, Jesstine had her "Long Johns" on under her snow clothes. They are actually PJ's that have become too small for her!

The after snow play runny nose and red face!
Needless to say, I think that she had fun. She would get frustrated when she couldn't move in the snow! It was cute, but got old after a while. I tried to keep her on the driveway where Stephen was shoveling!
Stay warm!

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Myca said...

i like your new pic in the header. i'm so irritated that it won't let me do one! you did it in setting right? and uploaded one? i've done that multiple times and it never shows up! :(