Saturday, January 9, 2010

Since Christmas

It seems like a lot has happened since Christmas. If anything, Jesstine has just had the opportunity to play a lot with all of her new toys. Between me having surgery and Daddy taking on all of the work here at home with us and the COLD weather, Jesstine has spent a lot of time at home. She seems no worse for the wear. To tell you the truth, I think she REALLY likes having Mommy and Daddy at home at the same time! We sadly have to send Daddy back to work on Monday, but we are SO thankful that he has a job with which he can take some vacation time to stay home so I can have some recuperation time and Jesstine can have someone take good care of her until I had the energy! So, here is "since Christmas" in pictures!! We will miss you SO much when you go back to work Daddy!

She is enjoying her toy box a little TOO much! Just like her toy basket before the toy box, she likes to climb in. Shortly after this was taken she began to cry because she got stuck! She hasn't tried it since! We did manage to finally pull out some front room toys and move the toy box to her bedroom. Next item to get is a bookshelf for her many books which she plays with as much as she does her toys!
This picture has a bit of a story. Jesstine was wearing some leggings under her dress last Sunday. I told Stephen that she really should have something warmer, so she needed either a new pair of pants or a pair to put over these. So, he grabbed what he thought was another pair of pants. They were actually leggings!!! Skin TIGHT leggings! I thought she looked silly! She didn't seem to mind though. She is proudly pointing to her "behbutteeee" which she discovered this week!

This is one of our BIG toys! She LOVES it! She pushes around almost every stuffed animal she has when she uses this thing! Good idea Grandma Griffee!!!

This is what Sesame Street does to my child!!! She was cuddling Ernie and Abby was sitting next to her on the floor, so I slowly added all of her characters to her perch. She didn't seem to notice! She looked like this the whole time!

We recently tried coloring! I was making thank you cards and she wanted to help, so I gave her a color. She liked it so much, I bought her some crayons of her own (INSERT CRAYON SONG FROM CHILDHOOD HERE) and printed some "Dieglagalo" (Diego) coloring pages off of the internet. She was pretty proud of her work! It was great for a cold winter day indoors in our PJ's too!

This is her latest prized possession! She LOVES this piano her Grandmom got her for Christmas. It matches Grandmom's almost perfectly!! Her favorite part is when she sits down and plays for a few seconds, stands up, and claps and cheers for herself! She knows it makes Mommy and Daddy laugh!

This was a happenstance gift. My sister received this for her two boys and had no place to put it! She knew Jesstine had a jungle room and thought it would go great there! So, here it is! Do you think Jesstine likes it?

And the last of the pictures for this edition of Jesstine's fan page is something I have been working on for a long time! I started this during the summer after seeing the idea on Etsy. I thought it looked easy and that I could do it myself. Well, I finished the wooden part the same day I purchased the materials. Finding a way to get the ribbon on and put it all together was another story entirely! So, tonight I decided to finish what I had started!!! Here is the finished product! If you are following this blog and need some bows for yours or your little girls hair, I have found the best place! The bows I use for Jesstine are VERY easy to put in and can be put in the finest of fine hair! She has been wearing them since she was about 7 months old when she had the finest and barely any hair! You can find the site here.
Well that is it for this edition of Jesstine's Brag Blog. We hope to feature a hilarious video soon! Stay tuned to find out more!
In Him,
Lacie, Stephen and Jesstine

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