Sunday, January 17, 2010

Video and more!

Well, it has been a fun week. It has been an adjustment not having Daddy home. He was home with us for three full weeks! We made it work though! At first, we drove each other crazy, but we got back into the swing of things! On Friday we went to look for some clothes. Our little girl is just growing so fast!! She seems to change clothing sizes just before she reaches the month mark on the clothing and it always happens mid-season! After looking on our side of town and coming up mostly empty handed, we took a trip to the east side of town. It worked out great for both of us! Mommy got out and was able to find a great bargain on clothes. And Towne East now has a playplace in the mall! So, Jesstine got a well deserved shopping break and got to play!! Here are a few pictures!

This caterpillar was one of her favorites! She loved the tunnel, but it was full at this moment, so she decided to be brave like the others and try to climb it. This is as far as she got!
And of course the car!

And a boat!

She liked the head thing in the boat and decided to hug it!

We also found some shoes on clearance at Target. I have been wanting to get them for her, but didn't want to spend $30 on them when she had a perfectly good pair of tennis shoes at home. You can't tell, but these are like the classic Converse Chuck Taylors only with Velcro! She loves them and walks around the house watching her feet. They are now her favorite shoes (her shiny black church shoes used to be). So she wore them to church today with her dress!
And finally, here is a video I have been wanting to post for a while know. This took place just a few days after my surgery. Jesstine likes to wear my hats and this was no exception. She had it on backwards and was literally parading around with it! Daddy chose to turn on the camera and she noticed! She smiled for the camera and cheesed it up. Then she walked into the kitchen. She noticed her reflection in the stove door and started checking herself out, including doing a little circle. The kitchen sort of became her catwalk. She got bored with that and started her way back to the living room. She noticed Daddy with the camera and literally stopped dead in her tracks just to give daddy a goofy smile! She sure keeps us on our toes! We love her so much! Her sense of humor is beginning to show! We love it too! See for yourself.

Lacie, Stephen and Jesstine

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