Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No New News

Well, we had another Herm appointment today. There really isn't anything new to report. Herm had a great time kicking the heart monitor for the doctor! He quickly found out that Herm has strong legs like his/her sister! We did start things in the works to get the BIG sonogram in a few weeks. I am excited about that. I am ready for some peace! Hopefully that will help with my anxiety a little! I am excited to know that our little Herm is perfectly healthy! I have still been struggling with occasional contractions. We had an early morning this morning when I woke up to feel about 4 within thirty mins! I got up and got some water and benedryl. I read for a little while on the couch and they seemed to pass quickly. Herm doesn't seem to like it when I lay down anymore! Anyhow, Herm is doing great! Herm measured in the 38th percentile on the last sonogram. I guess that is good? The doctor seemed pleased. We are just excited to have this little person in our arms soon! I think the doctor and his nurses are excited too! The nurses looked at me today and said, "It just seems like you should be done with this by now!"

Anxiously Awaiting August 8!
Stephen, Lacie, and Herm Hutchins

Monday, April 28, 2008

A Long Night/Morning!

Well, here is the latest on Herm. You will get another one hopefully within a few days as we have another Herm appointment on Wednesday, April 30. So, what's with the title? Well, I have been experiencing contractions at various points since about week 17. I have been told that it is normal considering how close together my babies have been. Well, Saturday night I was feeling them so I did what the doctor told me the last time I called. I took some benedryl and water and went to bed at about 10:30. A few hours later at 1, I woke up and they were still there and pretty regular. I told Stephen that something didn't seem right and we needed to go to the hospital. (Stephen is still in a splint from his ankle surgery on the 21st.) We got in and they put me on a monitor straight away. Sure enough, they were just strong enough to show up and they were coming at mostly regular intervals. They checked my cervix which was long and a little soft (long is great, soft is normal at this point). They also did a test called Fetal Fibronectin. It is supposed to detect protein found in the amniotic sac and fetal membranes. They are not supposed to be present until about 38 weeks, unless a woman is in premature labor. Luckily, that came back negative. Simply put, a negative means they didn't find any of the protiens and there was only a 1-2% chance that I would go into labor in the next week or two. So, the contractions were not braxton hicks because they were regular. However, they weren't doing anything to dialte and soften the cervix. We are taking it pretty easy this week. We have an appointment on Wednesday. At that appointment hopefully we can schedule the next sonogram which is the one that will check Herm's heart. I feel that once I get past that and get good news on that, I will feel a little less anxious. I am still just taking things a day at a time. I just get really discouraged at times. I start to think about all that could go wrong and it puts me in an anxiety attack of sorts. I am trying to find comfort in the sound of Herm's heartbeat as well as the many strong kicks that I have been getting lately! Herm kicked so hard Saturday night that even Daddy was able to feel it when he was kissing my belly!

Trying to stay calm!
Lacie and Herm

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hello Friends!

Hello everyone! I am Herm, the latest addition to the Hutchins' family! My mommy and daddy got to get a closer look at me today! They are so proud! I was a little uncooperative. That sonogram tech wanted me to move in ways I didn't want to! Mommy and Daddy still got some great pictures though! Even better they think they know if I am a her or a him! They are happy to share my pictures with you, but they tried really hard to make sure none of them showed you my boy/girl parts! They want it to be a secret. I am not telling you! Some of the pictures look small, (because I am only 10 ozs. right now) but if you click on them, they will open bigger in a new window!

This is a pictue of my face! I like to keep my hands up close to my cheeks! I like to box Mommy's bladder that way! Right now I look like an alien because my eyes are still closed tight for a few more weeks.

This is the first side profile anyone has been able to get of me (picture 1)! Mommy listens to Bible songs in the car all of the time, so I also practice praying (picture 2).

I also like to face down a lot. It helps me pray easier (picture 1). I am already working on my soccer kicks too (picture). The soccer ball I use now is pretty squishy though! I take turns between boxing Mommy's bladder and kicking it. You can kind of see my cute butt on the right side there too! *blush*
Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing my picture. If you think you have a guess of what gender I am based on these pictures, would you please keep it to yourself? Mommy and Daddy are trying really hard to keep it a secret! I told them they needed to at least tell Grandmom and G-ma, but they said no! Sorry, I tried!

It's Been A While!

Okay, so it has been a little while since we last blogged. I think it was right before our cruise and I had just fallen down the stairs. Things are still looking good. We had a wonderful time on the cruise! Since this blog is mostly about Herm, I have included one of the few pictures that Herm managed to be noticable in! What do you think of the gear? Again, we had a great time, but the travel back on the planes was horrible! It was one for the record books and we have had our fair share of travel woes!

We had our last baby appointment on April 2. Herm was not pleased with Mommy playing too much with the heartmonitor the night before, so he/she flipped around and made it very difficult for the doctor to find him/her! He still managed to find Herm's heartrate which was high as always (mid 160's). That was about it. The biggest news out of that appointment was scheduling the 20 week sonogram! That is all in the next post though. Mommy has been having some Braxton Hicks contractions early this time. The doctors all say it is normal. For those of you women who are pregnant or will be in the future, Mommy learned a trick! If you are experiencing BH contractions often, take some benedryl and four glasses of water, then lie down for a little while. I guess what ever makes you drowsy in benedryl also calms your system down (although it didn't do much during the KU/Memphis game!!!!)

Mommy plans on posting an update with pictures after this post so stay tuned!