Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No New News

Well, we had another Herm appointment today. There really isn't anything new to report. Herm had a great time kicking the heart monitor for the doctor! He quickly found out that Herm has strong legs like his/her sister! We did start things in the works to get the BIG sonogram in a few weeks. I am excited about that. I am ready for some peace! Hopefully that will help with my anxiety a little! I am excited to know that our little Herm is perfectly healthy! I have still been struggling with occasional contractions. We had an early morning this morning when I woke up to feel about 4 within thirty mins! I got up and got some water and benedryl. I read for a little while on the couch and they seemed to pass quickly. Herm doesn't seem to like it when I lay down anymore! Anyhow, Herm is doing great! Herm measured in the 38th percentile on the last sonogram. I guess that is good? The doctor seemed pleased. We are just excited to have this little person in our arms soon! I think the doctor and his nurses are excited too! The nurses looked at me today and said, "It just seems like you should be done with this by now!"

Anxiously Awaiting August 8!
Stephen, Lacie, and Herm Hutchins

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Lisa Beth said...

It's great that Herm is so strong! Isn't hearing his heartbeat on the monitor the greatest thing? I think I liked that as much as sonograms!