Sunday, May 4, 2008

Just a reminder!

Just a reminder to all of you that Herm and Mommy have a big test on Tuesday at 11:00 AM! This is the echocardiogram (sp??) to determine whether Herm has the same defect as Babe B. and to make sure there aren't any other defects. Mommy is really nervous! I know I have had several people tell us everything will be fine, but until I see for myself, I am not going to be any less anxious. Also, I am still really battling contractions! They seem to hit about every night! I have had one or two nights without problems and it seems to have helped that I kicked the body pillow (mine is flannel so we have dubbed it the Flanocanda) out of bed. I am just using a normal pillow to support my tummy and that seems to have done the trick for the most part. I just pray that I get some contraction free nights one of these days! Really they are just making me more anxious. My prayer is to at least make it to August! I know that Herm will be healthy and strong enough if born even August 1! I would like to make it to August 8 if at all possible though! So, keep this big test in mind! We also have the glucose test tomorrow too! I should feel Herm move a lot then!

Praying and hoping!
Lacie, Stephen and Herm

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