Saturday, May 10, 2008

Update on Herm....Taco Bueno

Okay, so I guess I need to explain the title. My nephews are visiting this weekend for Mother's Day/Late birthday present for my mother-in-law. When I was pregnant with Babe B., Noah (the older of the two) had to put in his two cents on what I should name the baby. So, we thought we would give it a try this time as well. He wasn't as into it this time, but finally settled on "Taco Bueno" as a name for this baby. When they said goodnight before going to bed, they each said good night to Taco Bueno. The funny thing is that I can't STAND Taco Bueno as far as eating it goes! Anyhow, so just for this post we will refer to Herm as Taco Bueno.

I sent out an email to a lot of you Friday saying that I wasn't sure on the results of Taco Bueno's tests. Some of you may have had a sneek peek at Taco Bueno's lates pictures. Well, after I had posted them, I realized that they put my social security number on them! That isn't something I want floating around the internet. I will do some editing and re-post the pictures later. For now I wanted to let you know that not even an hour after I wrote my last email, we got a call from the doctor! He said that he didn't expect them to be there for a week, but he had them the whole time. They were just filed differently than he was used to.

Drum roll please.....Taco Bueno has a healthy heart! There is no evidence of the VSD that Babe B. had! Not only that, there were no signs of any other major defects. There is a small possibility for minor defects that can't be seen even on that high resolution. For all purposes, Taco Bueno has a clean bill of health!

Praise God!
Lacie, Stephen and Taco Bueno Hutchins


Tracy & Cheri said...

Praise God! What a great Mothers Day present. I pray you are able to find great comfort in this news and spend the rest of your pregnancy trusting and knowing that God is protecting this baby.

In just a couple months we'll able be able to meet this special little one that has had so many people excited!

Love You Guys,

Lisa Beth said...

Yea! That is fantastic news! I am so happy for you. God is good!