Friday, May 30, 2008


First, let me say that keeping the gender of this baby has been terribly hard! After spilling the beans to so many people, we have decided to just let everyone know. We are having a..........Girl! We have named her Jesstine Jonelle Hutchins.

Well, we have reached the third trimester! Yeah! I am still having sleepless nights and lots of BH contractions, but we are taking it one day at a time. The baby is growing just like she should. I have managed to only gain 10 lbs.! That seems low to me because I should be up at 15 by now, but the baby is growing which is what matters. We saw the doctor today. He did do a sonogram just to ease my mind. We had to use the ancient machine, so we didn't get any great pictures. We did determine that Jesstine is breach. Not only that, but her legs are extended and feet up high by her face. It looked like she was sucking her thumb. She is measuring at 27 weeks (which is what I am at now). I am feeling better about this for now. I was concerned all night last night because she usually is quiet during the day and then active all night. Last night she was quiet all night after being active a lot of the day. I was up every three hours checking for her heartbeat. Not to mention, the repair guys were out fixing our bathroom and roof from the rain damage. Our room smells of paint fumes, so I slept on the couch. I have found it to be more comfortable than the bed lately anyhow!

So, Jesstine is doing well. We are aware that she is breach and we may be looking at a c-section. We hope that everyone else is doing well!

Stephen, Lacie and Jesstine Hutchins

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Lisa Beth said...

Will was still breech at 30 weeks, too, but he turned a few weeks before he was born. I was sure I was going to have to have a C-section, but he decided to turn on his own time table. He decided to come on his time table, too--a little late! I'm so glad that it's almost time for Jesstine to be here. I can't wait to meet her!