Monday, May 19, 2008

Another Sleepless Night

Well, I guess I am getting my sleepless nights with a baby in earlier than most! I have really struggled with sleep for several weeks now! It all started about the time that we returned from our cruise and the braxton hicks started to happen. It doesn't help that I am anxious a lot. The funny thing is that I can be completely relaxed and sleep for a few hours, then the contractions hit and I can't get back to sleep! Needless to say, it happened again last night. I have been told in the past to just take benedryl and go to sleep. That hasn't been working. So, I called the doctor this morning. I got in for an appointment this afternoon. I told him about not sleeping. I also told him that when I can't sleep, I worry. I told him about all of the things that I worry about. He was so nice about it. He gave me some medication to help me sleep with the caveat that I only take it when I need it. At the same time we discussed my lack of weight gain. It is obvious that the baby is growing. My bump is measuring 27 cm. I will be at 26 weeks tomorrow, so that is one cm ahead. He basically told me to eat whenever I wanted and whatever I wanted (of course besides the foods I am not supposed to eat). My regularly scheduled appointment was not supposed to be until next week. He said he wanted to go ahead and see me then and he would get a sonogram of Herm to ease my mind about everything. So, the good news is, my doctor is listening to me and helping me with my anxiety. The bad news is I am still very anxious! I am thankful that Herm is a mover. Herm moves so much at night we joke that he/she takes after Grandmom and is a night owl! (Herm also dislikes milk and only likes peanut butter in small quantities). So, next week (Friday), I hope to have more Herm pictures for you. Please continue to pray for Herm and I. We only have 11.5 weeks to go! Pray for Herm's health and safety and my health (mental and physical) to get to August! Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

In Him,
Lacie, Stephen, and Herm

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