Monday, September 13, 2010

Tis the Season

For the State Fair that is! We went last year and Jesstine seemed to like it. So we decided that we needed to go this year. The original plan was for Stephen to take off work on Friday and go opening day. But when we realized that it was dollar day on Monday (and FREE with a Dillion's card), we quickly changed our plans to today! It was a good choice! Here are a few pictures.

This was Jesstine's first pony ride. She was excited, but at first she got on and wanted to get off. I made her stick it out because we had already paid the money for her to ride and I knew she would like it. This picture shows that she really did like it! Ironically enough, the horse's name was Diego. In case you don't know, after Elmo, Diego was one of her first well loved cartoon characters and still is.

We visited the different animals in the barns as well. She really liked them and seemed intrigued. She had to make all of their sounds. She laughed when she heard the sounds of the rooster, turkey and goose up close! Here she is with a black rabbit.

We took a ride on the train. She was so excited until we sat down and it didn't move for about 5 min. while passengers were loading. She eventually liked it as it started to move. She was concerned about Daddy the whole time though. She kept asking, "Where Daddy is?" Also on this train ride she got her first taste of popcorn. She liked it possibly as well as her Papa Hutchins and Grandmom do! It was laced with sugar though (it was actually kettle corn). It was thrown at us in a little sample baggy from the kettle corn place by the train track.

See, she really DID have fun!

Yep, the classic face cutout. She looks so darn cute. She sure liked those pigs. More about that later in the post though.

She didn't sleep the entire time we were there. I had brought along her car pillow just in case. She decided about 5 miles from home that she wanted to have her pillow to "sleep." Instead she cheesed it up!

We went around to the different booths in several of the buildings. Her favorite part was getting the tattoos. I made her get one from one of my THREE alma matters! LOL! Here is her arm with a Sterling College tattoo (which she tore off a little while wiping her eyes when she was tired) and a Butler County one in honor of Uncle Greg.

This was another. She had a KU sticker on this hand too, but stickers are too removable for her. So this is the only one on this arm that survived.

Perhaps her FAVORITE keepsake from the fair was this silly fan! It is a Bethel College fan. One guy at one of the booths thought that she was so cute that he handed her a football. When we tried to give it back as we left, she was reluctant to give it back, so the guy let her keep it! LOL!
As we were driving home, this was the conversation Daddy and her had:
Daddy: What was your favorite part of the fair?
Mommy: (restating the question because there was a long pause and I thought that she perhaps didn't understand what he was asking) What did you like the best today?
Jesstine: I saw the pigs race!
Daddy: I like the pig races too! What else did you like?
Jesstine: I ride the horsies!!!
So, there you have it! Her favorite part was watching the pigs race and riding the "horsies." I didn't mention that we did get to see the pig races and we even allowed her to run in the "sfrinklers" (splash pad) at the fair.
In Him,