Thursday, February 18, 2010

18 months of Terrific Blessings!

Our little girl turned 18 months old on Sunday. We are SOOOO thrilled to have her in our lives! She is so much fun! She is beautiful, loving, and smart! Every mother and father's dream. Because she had a touch of a cold/teething, we waited until today, Thursday, for her well baby appointment. She is smart enough to know that when you go to the doctor, it isn't the most pleasant thing. Little did she know she would not be receiving shots today! She is already anxious about stepping on the scales, hopefully for different reasons than her mommy! She really does NOT like having her height checked. She really just wanted to play when we got in the exam room. Luckily there was a box of crayons and a coloring book (that every sick child that has come to that exam room has probably played with as well). She colored until the doctor came in. He asked a few questions and checked her heart, ears, and throat. She was a trooper, but after the second ear, she was quick to push the light away and say "no" to the doctor!! When we got home after I worked later that afternoon, she found her play phone. She was talking on it to someone. I asked who it was and she said, "Docker!"

So, at 18 months, Jesstine Jonelle Hutchins is 2' 8.5" tall and weighs 24 lbs (23.9 technically) with her clothing and shoes on. She has a vocabulary of roughly 100 words and including several two to four word sentences/phrases. She knows what a heart shape is and a star shape. Just this week she has taken to calling us Mommy and Daddy instead of Mama and Dada. She knows where her nose, eyes, ears, head, hair, belly button, belly, hands, feet, legs and knees are located. She can walk forward and backward as well as run. She is slightly pigeon toed like her mommy. She loves monkeys, most animals, Elmo, Dumpty, balls, slides and many other things! Her favorite TV show is still Sesame Street, but she also likes Diego, Dora, Max and Ruby, Curious George and has taken a recent interest in Minnie on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She likes to do the "diggity dog" dance at the end! As mentioned above, she is SUCH a joy in our lives! Here is a picture montage for you of the last year and a half!

Here is our little one at 1 month. At this point we were SO overjoyed to finally have our empty arms filled. I was still missing Babe B. and cried often for the things I was getting to experience with Jesstine that I never got to with Babe B. At the same time I was just SO thankful for my little girl!

Here is her "chair" picture at 6 months. She was also diagnosed with RSV the next day! Poor girl! She didn't have it as bad as some though! It was still scary!

Here is her professionally done 6 month picture!
Here is her 12 month "chair" picture. This was a HARD picture to take! She had become so much more mobile at this point! The month before, she actually dove face first off of the chair!
Here is her professional 12 month pic. done by a friend from HS named Candi. Plans are in the works to call her again for the 18 month pictures, but we are awaiting funds to do so!
And last but certainly not least, here is her 18 month "chair" picture! She picked out her own shirt today and it is one of her all time favorites! She will proudly point to her tummy or chest and say "Monkeeeeeee!" Followed by "hoo hoo hoo hoo!" We couldn't do this picture without our beloved friend, Dumpty! She is starting to fade, but Jesstine's love for her just keeps growing and growing! Oh and one more thing, she is actually saying "cheese" here which explains the goofy grin!
Well, people are right. It really does go by fast! We are so blessed to have a happy, healthy sweet daughter and a perfect one in heaven whom we are looking forward to reuniting with in our eternal home someday! Until then, we will keep on posting and enjoying our life here on earth thanking the Lord for each new day!
In Him,

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Sara Proctor said...

HI Lacie, I'm so glad you have a blog! Some days it feels like that's the only way I can keep in touch with everyone:) I loved that we got to catch up the other day and we will have to get together when the weather gets a little more travel friendly! Your baby is super cute and I would love to pick your brain about some stuff.