Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Missing Daddy Part 2

So Jesstine was REALLY going stir crazy today! She was getting into trouble all morning! So at about 9:30, I called up a neighbor friend whom we hadn't seen all winter! She wasn't busy and was glad to get her little guy (3) and Jesstine together to play. So we met for lunch at the McD.'s with a play place. Don't worry, their hands were sanitized after they completed playing!!! Jesstine had a blast! The first picture is actually from just before we left. She was playing her usual game of "take a nap on the couch." When she gets tired of taking a play nap on the couch, she puts her dolls down for a nap and says "Nigh Nigh!" When we got home and she was down for her real nap, this is what I found on the couch! How cute is that! Anyhow, we are still missing you Daddy (Sweetie) and are anxious for you to return! BTW for all of your other blog viewers out there, these photos are not of the best quality due to the fact that Daddy has the camera with him! He got to tour Cowboys Stadium and desperately needed the camera to take photos of it! Maybe there will be a post about that when he returns! So for now without further adieu, here is to our last full day without Daddy.

Baby wrapped up in a blanket and on a pillow on the couch!
This kid on the slide made me mad! I caught him kicking Jesstine because she was standing at the bottom of the slide. I looked at him and told him he was not to kick. I was afraid a mom was going to fly at me and give me heck for defending my child. UGH! Some people's kids! Anyhow, rant over! Jesstine's favorite thing was to crawl as far as she could up the slide. Most of the time the way was clear, when it wasn't she quickly learned when to get off of the slide.

She never got to the top and actually went down the slide even though this picture would appear that was the case. Here she is scrambling to get down because people are coming down the slide!

*Sigh* my beautiful girl! Too bad this was on my phone! It could have been a great photo!

Here is our neighbor friend Adam! Thanks for joining us!! It was fun!

Was too late to catch the nice hug Adam gave Jesstine! They play so well together and Adam is so gentle and nice with her! His mommy took the kids to the table while I got my drink and ketchup. Adam was so nice and held Jesstine's hand all the way to the table! SO cute!
That's all I've got right now!

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