Monday, January 9, 2012

Emmitt: 2 Months

I realize I am a couple of days early on this, but my work week starts tomorrow, so I wanted to go ahead and do this so I don't forget! Can you believe Emmitt is already 2 months old??!!! He is SUCH a big boy! Here is the run down:

At two months: Emmitt weighs roughly 13-13.5 lbs. He is in size 2 diapers (they are a bit big, but the size 1 are too small). He is in 3-6 month clothing as of last week. Once again, they are slightly big on him, but not as big as the 0-3 month clothes were when we switched from newborns just a month ago! He also has big feet! He won't fit into 0-3 or 6-12 month socks anymore! He is in size 12-24 and is already a size 2 in shoes and almost to size 3 (note: J was BARELY in a 0 at this age). Emmitt has had a lot of firsts in the last month. Some are great and others are not so great! He had his first Christmas. He had his first hospital visit. He also had his first smile and rolled to one side for the first time. He is laughing and smiling a whole lot more than he was even two weeks ago. He can hold his head up for a long period of time and has a little bit of control. Right now he loves sticking out his tongue. He has found his hands and uses them with a purpose. He is just getting to be SO big! He is such a sweet little boy! He adores his bouncy seat. Doesn't care for tummy time so much anymore. He still LOVES Jesstine and smiles when she talks to him. He got some NUK pacifiers (pacies as Daddy calls them) for Christmas and has really started to like them. We will see if that lasts. He still is not on a schedule yet. Last night he only took one bottle between 11:30 PM and 8 AM! That means he slept at least 1 if not 2, 4-5 hour stretches at a time! Here are some pictures, including the chair pictures.

 I decided to take TWO pictures in the chair from now on, just to get a reference as to how large he is. This is the elephant Emmitt got for Christmas from the other Hutchins family!

 Was SO close to capturing a smile, didn't quite get it but got the tail end of one.

 Sleeping peacefully the day we got home from the hospital after being there for 4.5 days!

 Told ya he loved his bouncy seat!

 There's that smile! He also loves bath time! Glad I figured out the trick of putting a warm wet wash cloth on his belly! It has made a huge difference!
And last but not least the outfit I picked out with my nephews, Noah, Ian, and Connor, in mind! Sorry Connor, there are no guys on the motorcycles. It does say "ZOOM" though!

In Him,
The Hutchins Family

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