Saturday, May 28, 2011

Butterflies and Funny Trees

Today we took flowers to the graves of my grandparents and Babe B. Last year, Jesstine was just old enough to kind of help with putting flowers out for Babe B. So when we picked out flowers, she picked out a little blue butterfly on a long thin wire to add to the flowers. This year we did the same thing and she picked a purple butterfly which went great with the purple flowers we picked! She is starting to ask questions and you can see she is trying really hard to understand what Memorial Day is really about. Just before we left for the cemeteries, she proudly exclaimed, "We are going to go see Babe B. and be with Jesus!!!" (We have told her that Babe B. is with Jesus.) We all had to snicker at her remark! After placing flowers for Babe B., we headed to the part of Kansas not far from where I was born and where my mother grew up. Jesstine surprisingly really enjoyed the trip to the cemetery out where my grandparents are buried. She had some open space to run and laugh. Her favorite thing though had to be the "funny trees." The cemetery is full of these well manicured trees. She LOVED them and had to go and touch all of them that she could! I love her innocence and her zest for life! It made a seemingly sad event a little more joyful! Here are her "funny trees!"

In Him,
The Hutchins'

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