Friday, June 4, 2010

Water Play!

Today our plans to meet up with our friends after nap were foiled. So instead, I got Jesstine's pool out and let her play in it. We also got a sprinkler last fall from our good friends Kara and Johnna. I hooked that up too thinking that Stephen wouldn't mind me watering the grass a little being that it was starting to look a little brown! When he got home, he joined in on the fun! It also gave me a chance to prune the already over grown tree in the front and weed the flowerbeds. Here are some pictures of our water play fun! Below them are pictures from last year!

No water play time would be complete without Elmo!!!

And I thought this mat was small last year!!!

Daddy even came home and ran in the sprinkler with me.

Circa June of last year (Jesstine 10 months):

One of my FAVORITE Jesstine pictures! Thus my reason for adding it to the top of this blog!

In Him,


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