Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Big Girl Bed or Toy

That was the question that Jesstine had! She LOVED playing in the big girl bed. She loved it so much that she would play in it and not sleep!! So, no more big girl bed. It was too much freedom for her. I know it seems like I gave up to soon, but I can tell that it wasn't going to get any better. In fact each time I tried added 15 more min. on to the usual amount of time it took her to fall asleep. By the final night she was over an hour later than usual falling asleep! So, it's back to the crib. The day we switched back (actually it was at night) she was playing with the an old toy of mine. She was pretend playing as usual. Feeding it in her booster seat. Taking it and putting it down for nap in the big girl bed. I heard her tell it, "Go bed. No geet out! Nigh night!" Then a few seconds later, "NO NO NO!!! No geet out bed! No! Want spankin?" It was cute, but at the same time I had to ask myself if it was the right thing for me to be doing at such a young age? I don't want to be remembered for "NO NO NO!! Don't get out of bed! Do you want a spanking?" So Stephen and I had to remind ourselves that she isn't even two yet and that although she can recognize and name all of the letters of the alphabet, she is still not mature enough for some things (ie. potty training, big girl bed, Axis and Allies...). So for now, no more big girl bed. No rush!

In Him,

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