Thursday, June 17, 2010

Daddy's Vacation

Daddy's on vacation this week, so what do you think we have done? Well, we went to his work and worked for an hour and a half! Well, Jesstine mostly played with a nice girl who was there! Here are a few pictures from that day. Jesstine was in most of the pictures that Stephen had access to off of his work drive! LOL! She was (is) so darn cute!!

Getting our volunteer gear.

Getting suited up!

Getting instructions and listening intently.

"Humm, whatcha guys doin'?"

I could barely get away from her! She wanted to be in the thick of the action (or just be with Mommy).

Can you tell that she enjoyed the attention?

She found a buddy to play with!

"Go away! I'm busy!"
We have had a lot of fun with Daddy home this week. We have done a lot and we have done a lot of nothing. Daddy has been watching a LOT of soccer! None of us have been getting much sleep! We have had VBS at church from Sunday through Wednesday. Jesstine was very happy about her "pink pupcakes" at VBS. She has requested them for her birthday, "pink pincess pupcakes!!" Any of you who know me well enough know that until I had two girls, this would NEVER have been in my vocabulary! Not a fan of pink....unless it is on my girl! We have also done some swimming. Tomorrow will be Date Day!!!! WOO HOO!! Jesstine gets to spend some time with Grandmom while we enjoy a grown up movie, Toy Story 3!!!
Hope all you are doing well! We will be (hopefully) enjoying the rest of Stephen's vacation by allowing him to grill at some point!
In Him,

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