Friday, August 14, 2009

Funny Story

My husband and I laughed a lot about this last night! I am sure it will end up just being one of those things that was funny at the time and isn't anymore OR is funny for us and not anyone else! So, I will give it a try.

So, I noticed that Jesstine's laundry basket was getting pretty full. Also, I didn't have anymore clean washcloths to clean her face with. (I use the thinner ones that aren't good for bath time, but I am not afraid to get stained with spaghetti sauce.) So, when I put her to bed the other night, I threw her clothes from that day in the laundry basket and then put it in the hallway to take downstairs and put in the washer. After Jesstine's bath, bottle, and she was put to bed, Stephen was so kind! It took the clothes downstairs for me. I assumed that he washed them and he was just a great hubby! So, the next day when I needed a wash cloth for Jesstine's face, I went downstairs and saw her basket of clothes. I grabbed a washcloth and washed her face with it at lunch time. The rest of the day, I smelled something on her and thought it was odd that she smelled like a dirty washcloth. I smelled the washcloth that I had used to wash her face. It smelled like a dirty washcloth!!! Humm, I thought maybe Stephen had forgotten to put soap in the washer when he put the clothes in the washer. That night we sat down to dinner and I asked him about it. He responded by bursting with laughter! Apparently, he hadn't even washed the clothes because he already had a load of socks and underwear in the washer!!! I was so mad, but I laughed so hard because it hit me that I had washed my poor baby's face with a stinky, dirty washcloth and she smelled the rest of the day!! No wonder she cried so much when I washed her face this time! (Usually she will fight me, but this time was FAR worse!!!)

Sorry if you don't think this is funny, I just thought I would share! It was funny to us at the time and even as I typed it, I couldn't help but laugh!!!

Thanks for listen....reading!

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