Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hair, Clothes, Fights W/ Smaller Children....And Daddy's Birthday!

Well, we have been busy since my last post! I have been growing like crazy!!! I have a lot to tell you and I do it best by showing you pictures! Take a look at my busy days with my Mommy!!!

Mommy and Daddy are thrilled at how much my hair is growing! When Mommy took this picture, it was really humid outside (whatever that means) and my hair started to curl in the back. It was good though because you could tell I am starting to get more hair! The other night Daddy discovered that I had a tail when my hair was wet!
You have to look really close at this picture! Mommy likes to go to the place with the big pool. I think she calls it the Why. I was playing in the kid part with some other kids. I saw one little baby playing in an excersaucer like mine and I wanted to play too! I stood up and played, but the baby didn't like it and swiped at me like a cat. I cried and cried! When Mommy picked me up a little later, I cried more! It hurt. Here are what Mommy called me my battle wounds!

As I said, I have been growing really fast. Just like last time Mommy bought me new clothes, I out grew the 12 month size right before I reached 12 months in age. So, we have done a lot of shopping! As you can see, I am ALL girl and LOVE clothes!! These are a couple of sets of new pj's Mommy got! She also went to some garage sales and found some really nice clothes that are normally $20 an outfit and she only paid $26 total for a whole wardrobe practically! It has been kinda hard to find me some clothes because I still need Summer stuff and all the stores are switching to Fall and Winter clothes. I think we are ALMOST done shopping! Now all I need are some shoes!
My Daddy just celebrated his birthday! He is old today! Grandmom came over last night with some yummy smelling food, but I had to go to bed. Mommy said they had lasagna (one of my favorite foods just like my Daddy) and for dessert peanut butter cup brownie sundaes! It sounded delicious! Wish I were there too! In this picture Daddy is borrowing some hats that we are going to use at MY party next week! Silly Daddy, Elmo hats are for kids!!!
This was Daddy's cake that he got ON his birthday. The cake place wasn't open on the day Daddy celebrated his birthday, so he had to wait for his cake! It looks yummy though!
Here is what Daddy got. He got a "Remember Texas Stadium" throw blanket from me, a football game from Grandmom, and a football jersey from Mommy. I think he did pretty good! I would rather have some toys and some books myself!!!
Well, that is it for now. I am sure my Mommy will update you on my birthday really soon! I am excited! Mommy got me an Elmo DVD that is all about birthday stuff! I didn't know what a birthday was before I watched Elmo! I am excited! That cake looks so tasty. I wonder if I could get away with putting my face in it!
I hope you enjoyed my story!
In Jesus,
Jesstine Jonelle

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