Tuesday, July 14, 2009

11 Months, Tulsa, Spa Paty and Garage Sales

It has been a busy month! We have been to KC and back. A week later Jesstine and I went to Tulsa while Stephen was in Huston on business. We have been keeping quite busy and she is just growing so fast! I was going to post a comparison of her 11 month picture to two other months' pictures. I decided that I would wait until the 12 month post! It would make more sense!! Between vacations (where we got Cheesecake Factory both times), I hosted a "spa party" of sorts and have been hitting a garage sale here and there. Here it all is in pictures!! Oh, and in case you haven't noticed, we did honor Babe B. on her birthday. My mom was terrific and remembered us by sending us some flowers. Attached were these little Disney Princess dolls that are SO cute! They will be saved for Jesstine when she is old enough and I even bought two more so I could try and complete my set. All I need is Belle! Anyhow, check out the last post and you will see a little tribute to our first little princess! Without further adieu.....
Again, I never realized just how challenging taking this picture each month would get to be! Especially when I am usually doing it by myself! This first picture is the one I think is the best. If you notice she has a little red spot on her forehead. This was unfortunately after she tumbled head first out of the chair onto the floor because I tried to get a picture without Elmo! It obviously didn't work and freaked us both out, but I think she is just fine.
Here is one before the fall where she is smiling but I couldn't get that darn doll out of her hands!! Oh well, I guess we will just hope that we can get another picture somewhere in her cool Shockers dress!
As I said above, we spent the first part of this week in Tulsa visiting Seth, Jenni, Noah, Ian and little Conner. Jesstine felt right at home. I am very pleased with her ability to travel so far. She did great on both trips! Maybe Stephen is right and she won't NEED a DVD player on long car trips.....Yeah RIGHT!! She seemed to sleep fairly close to normal as well! We had a great time Seth and Jenni! Thanks for hosting us and letting us see the greatest 5 year-old t-ball player in Tulsa strut his stuff!
Seth and Jenni have a pool in their back yard. It is one of those that sits above ground in your back yard and you put it together yourself. It was really cool! We had a blast swimming in it! Jesstine had to fight Connor for the raft though. She loved the shade over it. If you can tell, her hair is getting long enough I could fashion a small Mohawk for her! Oh, and the pool was not a chemical pool. It was salt water. Less maintenance and no chemicals in the eyes!!! I want one!

This was the first morning we woke up. Jesstine had been in bed with me for a little while. Then we joined the boys, Seth and Jenni in the front room. Talk about a cousin pow-wow complete with lovies!!!!

Here is little Conner, Jesstine's hopefully soon-to-be cousin! He is such a cutie! Jesstine did her part to keep him entertained. I think she liked his toys just as much as he did!

When I got back, I held a "spa party" at my house. It was a lot of fun. It was one of those beauty product sellers. She came and let us pamper ourselves with her product. Even Jesstine got in on some Margarita foot creme!!!!! Here I am in a mask with a warm neck wrap!!! Do I look like GI Jane? Also when we got back, I had to catch up on my workouts. On our way back from the Y, I noticed a garage sale around the corner from our house. I stopped in and this really caught my eye. Jesstine really doesn't NEED anymore toys. She is starting to outgrow some and she really likes to stand. We hope to get her a music table for her birthday. In the meantime, this was for sale for $5! It was a bit dirty, so I offered $3 for it. They said yes and I brought it home, cleaned it and sanitized it. She loves it! I didn't know until I brought it home, but it is very functional! It is a music table, but also.....
turns into a desk! The little electronic thing in the middle lights up and she can push buttons on the clock to learn how to write her letters (upper and lowercase), numbers and shapes! It is really nifty! It was fairly easy to clean too.
Well, we hope all of you are doing well! Brace yourself for a couple of posts next month where we will be celebrating a 1st birthday!!!!
In Him,
Lacie, Stephen and Jesstine


Jenni said...

Thanks for the visit and all the fun! Noah, Ian & Connor are all ready to see that sweet Jesstine and FUN Aunt Lacie again soon! Love the 11th month picture and I can't wait to see all of them lined up next month:>! I CANNOT believe it has almost been a year!

Tracy and Cheri said...

Love the new picture! Jesstine is growing so fast...I can't believe it's been almost a year! You know, I missed taking Olivia's newborn and 1st month picture in the chair but now I'm VERY determined to remember it from now on.

By the way, great find at the garage sale!