Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jesstine's First Fourth.....of July That Is

Well, it was Jesstine's first 4th of July! It wasn't very eventful, but I think she still enjoyed herself! We actually started celebrating the night before. I entered a drawing recently at a luncheon for Dress For Success. It was a drawing for a free 8x10 and free sitting at Camera Angles here in town. We went and had pictures done (in our flag shirts). Unfortunately, you won't probably see those as they are SOOOO expensive, Stephen is opting for the free 8x10 and that is it!!!! I kinda would have liked to have some wallets, but a set of 8 is like $32!!!!! On the actual 4th of July, we didn't really do anything too special. Stephen has been itching to grill again, so we smoked some turkey and ribs and had my folks and step brothers over for an early dinner/late lunch. Jesstine LOVED Daddy's smoked turkey! She loved the cheesecake for dessert even better!!! I let her share my piece and I think she ate 90% of the cheesecake part and I was left with the outer, chocolate edge! Well, here are the pictures!
Okay, so this was actually taken today (July 5th),. I bought this for her so she could be festive. Then it dawned on me that we would just be hanging around the house on the 4th and it was too pretty for playing. So, I dressed her in it for church today! She wore her silver sandals and was beautiful. The thing in her hair is a snap clip that I found on etsy and it matched so well, I bought it! There is a close up of it later on!
After dinner, while we were digesting our food, I got the new baby pool out for Jesstine. My mom was kind enough to attack my tree and bushes with some sheers while Jesstine played and I watched! Thanks Mom!! My tree needed a hair cut! It will all grow back by fall!
I tell you, this girl LOVES the water! This pool is the perfect size too! It is not too small, and not too big! It only took a couple of buckets of water to fill to the perfect level!
Jesstine is really pulling up and standing a lot. This was a typical pose for her in the pool. She liked to put her hands on the edge and try to stand up. Not long and you will be cutie!!!
One more pool shot! She just LOVED it! What else can I say?
Clippie closeup!
So, we have NEARLY lost interest in the excersaucer. She still sits in it every once in a while. Mostly she would like to be out and moving around! Today, she discovered how much fun it still is! She played under here for a good 5 mins. She has always loved throwing her peek-a-blocks down under here and hoarding them! Now she has found a new way to do it!

Finally, we had a little fun when we came back inside. With a little help from Grandma and Daddy (notice the shadow disrupting the light), we caught Jesstine dancing on camera. Usually when I find her doing something and grab the video camera, she stops doing whatever she was because she is more interested in the camera!

We hope you had a great Independence Day! Here's to hoping that we continue to be "One nation, under God.."

In Him,

Lacie, Stephen and Jesstine Hutchins

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