Thursday, July 2, 2009

KC Vacation 2009-Jesstine's First Vacation

We did it!!! We FINALLY took Jesstine on her first real vacation! It was the first time in about 3+ years that Stephen and I have been able to ride roller coasters!!! We were thrilled! Our idea was to take my mom with us to help with Jesstine and we would buy a double park pass and hop between Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun. We know Mom loves water parks, so this was a double bonus for her! She even rode her first roller coaster in like 20+ years I think she said!! Here is a little photo diary of the highlights of our trip!!

Okay, so this is actually before the trip! Jesstine decided she was going to help pack. She went straight for the most important thing...the pantry where all the food is! We currently do not have a door on our pantry because it backs up to the door that leads to the garage. It has been hit several times and rather than replacing the track for a third time, we have decided to go without a pantry door. We may reconsider after this! To her credit, she did try to put the package of napkins back, but she was just too small to lift them back up and keep her balance!

So, we left Sunday afternoon after a lunch of Freddy's and after morning church services. We went up to Knob Noster where my sister (Ola) lives and stayed on base! It was much cheaper! Thanks Ola! It wasn't more convenient, but it gave us an excuse to see Ola while in the area. We thought we may check out the campground near World's of Fun next year to maximize our time and possibly get some better naps for the little one. Anyhow, this is a picture my mom took on the car ride to the park! Jesstine LOVED having a buddy back in the back with her to wait on her hand and foot, literally! Mom did a great job of taking care of her needs! She also gave us a couple of laughs! Mom fell asleep and started to snore lightly. Jesstine thought she was playing and blowing raspberries. She blew raspberries back! It was SO cute! This is actually a sleeping mask that Mom had with a travel pillow and blanket she brought a long. We thought Jesstine looked so cute in it. Obviously so did she!

This is after we first entered the park. We always end our day at Oceans of Fun, so we parked over there. It is actually easier to get in and out that way too! This is just as you get into the Oceans of Fun area...after going through the gift shop of course!! Jesstine was in awe of all of the slides and such around her. She was happy to get in the water (as you will see later). After this Stephen and I hit some rides while Mom watched Jesstine. Mom actually rode the Mamba with Stephen which was great!! I think she had a good time. She didn't ride anything the rest of the time except for the water slides. After hitting the Mamba (twice for Stephen) and the newest coaster, the Prowler, we decided that we were already hot and needed some water! Jesstine was ready! Mom had her in her bathing suit and all sunscreened by the time we were done with the ride! (Yes even her mostly bald head. She is getting more hair though!)

When we FINALLY reached the water park, we were promptly told that Jesstine had to have a life jacket to get in most of the things there. That was okay. It actually made things a bit easier. She didn't seem to mind once we adjusted it well enough. And of course it had a dog on it so she loved that!!! I have to say this isn't a bad picture either!

Jesstine is starting to try blowing bubbles more often. For a while she got timid and wouldn't stick her face in the water. Now she is starting to get as brave as when she started out.

Hanging out on her back in the wave pool! It was awfully sunny, so this became difficult to do. The life jacket was actually very helpful with back floating though!

She saw Mommy with the camera and THEN she started to splash. Usually splashing is the first thing she does. I think this was just enough different she didn't know what to do.

After some time in the water, we were all hungry and in need of a break! We walked over to where the shows were. We took her inside the "R.O.C.K. in the USA" show. It actually went better than I had expected. We fed her a bottle. It was around her normal naptime, so I put the cool, wet beach towel over my head and hers. Then I cradled her close and she fought for only a few mins. before going to sleep. She slept for ALMOST 30 mins. Not NEARLY enough, but she seemed to do okay! She was a real trooper!

After a nap, Mom wanted to ride on the train, so she and I went on the train while Stephen took Jesstine around so that he could see if she would sleep anymore in the stroller. From the train we could see the Carousel. I decided she needed to go for her first ride. She loved it! Great photo opportunity as well!

Another carousel picture!

Jesstine has lately been enamored with Dogs. She started saying dog a while ago, but then she stopped for a while. Usually all she would say was "Hi." Now, she says it a lot. She even points to dogs and says it! She was pleased as punch when we went to Camp Snoopy! She went with Grandma and loved it. Then we went back to buy a souvenir and there Snoopy was at the gates!!! She LOVED it! She thought is nose was so fun! She even waved to him and said "hi." When we went to the gift shop, it was FULL of Snoopy stuff and she kept saying, "daw, daw."
On the trip home, we wanted to meet up with my cousin Jason for some lunch. Before we met up with him, Ola took us to the free petting zoo that she takes the boys to all of the time! It was wonderful! It was like a zoo of common farm animals and a couple of others. There was even a bald eagle!!!! Jesstine loved the peacocks. Here she is standing at their cage looking through the chicken wire.

We were also able to get a great family photo. It is a little fuzzy. What do you expect from a disposable camera without a flash! I guess it could have been worse right!!!

They had a place where you could go in with a TON of goats and feed them. They swarmed anyone who came by. They nearly tore my pants up! She didn't know what to thing. She tried to say goat, but it was just a variation of "daw." It was something like "doe." She is so smart! Yes, we washed our hands after being in the goat pin!

Needless to say, a couple of days full of fun and sun and she was beat! Not to mention we stopped and met Jason at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Yes, she had (and enjoyed) some of Mommy's Brownie Sundae Cheesecake. Mom was once again a life saver! She found this horseshoe shaped pillow at Walmart to help Jesstine sleep. Coupled with Dumpty, her head didn't fall forward quite as much. She slept fairly well while we drove on.
She was SOOO happy to be home. I am not joking, she spent at least 5 mins. just standing at her high chair!!! Do you suppose she was trying to tell me something?? I know this is a TERRIBLE picture, but again, that is what you get from a disposable camera not meant to take pictures in doors!

Well, that is all for now. We are off to Tulsa at the beginning of next week to spend some time with Uncle Seth, Aunt Jenni, Noah, Ian, and little Conner for a few days while Daddy is in Houston on business.

Hope all is well with the rest of you!

In Him,
Lacie, Stephen and Jesstine

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