Monday, August 17, 2009

Celebrate Good Times!!!

Well, we pulled it off. It wasn't flawless, but it was fun nevertheless. We had Jesstine's big birthday bash on Saturday, which was actually my birthday. I had a lot of people ask me why I was going all out when she wouldn't remember it. The answer is, I will remember it! Jesstine will ask me someday about it and there will be a LOT to tell her! I know my mom couldn't provide this kind of party for us when we were growing up, so I wanted to give one for my child. Also, Jesstine is so precious to us! We wanted to share with her and others just how special she is! We have waited a long time (seemingly) to celebrate our child's first birthday. The first child's first birthday wasn't much of a celebration. It was full of a lot of heartache and pain. The road was long, and we made it! It was meant for a celebration! Plus, it was my birthday so I was going to celebrate by seeing my daughter happy! She was! You will know why when you see the pictures!

Before I get to the pictures though, let me give you a run down of the events leading up to the party. I wanted to get a few last min. things ahead of time, plus because it was my birthday, I wanted a cookie cake. We headed to get a white table cloth to cover the card table for more seating. Afterwards, we went to the mall for my cookie (as if we didn't have enough sugar waiting for us at home in the form of Jesstine's cake!!!!). To my disappointment, the Great American Cookie Co. was no longer there. (I later found out that it was because they went bankrupt and are no longer in business.) We decided to order one from the people who were now occupying that space anyhow. NEVER do it! It was a $30 mistake!!!!! The cookie was dry. They said it would take 7 mins. to decorate with a simple "Happy Birthday Lacie," and time was precious to us as we had an appointment to meet the photographer for 12 month pictures before the party. It took 30 mins!!!!! When we got home, the cookie said "Happy Birthay Lacie" and it was off centered. Let's just say it looked like something I could do! No, wait I would have done a better job than that!! Then when I finally got to savor it, it tasted fine, but it was SO dry I now have a sore under my tongue from where it broke my skin open in my mouth!!! I think I will try WalMart next time!!!! Needless to say, the events leading up to the party were not a great start to the day! I had read my comments on my facebook status from the day before and people were reminding me to relax and have fun. They said not to let it be stressful! I had to decide then and there to roll with the punches and have fun! As you will see, it all worked out great in the end!

This was the scene before the party. No the sign on the fireplace was not made store bought. I made it. I can't claim the idea though. I had been searching for ideas for a long time before this party. If you can't tell it says "Sesame Street is brought to you today by the letter J and the number 1!"

Here is the dining room. We ended up having to take out most of the booster seats because we didn't have as many LITTLE little kids there as I had expected. It still worked out well in the end. The kids that were there didn't really know Jesstine too well, so they all were not as eager to sit by her. The neighborhood kids sat by her though! I convinced the others that they needed to get closer once that cake came out though!!!!

I wanted to have Jesstine in something a little more formal for her 12 month pictures, so I chose this dress. In hind sight, I think I would have just let her wear her party outfit because it really was dressy enough and was cute!! It would have been just fine! Oh, well! Like I said, it all worked out great in the end! I know it sounds like overkill to have a photographer come for the party, but I needed 12 month pictures. I knew I would be too busy during the party to take pictures myself and she was coming anyhow, so I thought I would ask her to stay to take party pictures as well!

I wish I had a better picture of the cake! I guess that will come later from the photographer. It was such a great cake!!! It looked so much like Elmo! The cake everyone else ate was a cupcake cake that was in a rectangular shape. It had a different Sesame Street character in each of the corners (Ernie, Cookie Monster, Grover and Big Bird to be exact) and in the center it was white and said "Happy 1st Birthday Jesstine!" It was cute and tasty too!!

We even had a visit from everyone's favorite 3 year-old himself! Jesstine tried to feed Elmo some of her cake! I am so glad she wasn't scared of him like some kids would be!

Here is the smash cake after the birthday girl was through with it! Doesn't look much like Elmo!

Here was her haul for the day! I think she did pretty well, don't you????

This was from Aunt Grace and family. It is a magnet set by Leap Frog. It is a set of farm animals that she has to match their front and back halves to make the music play! As you can tell, she liked it!

Here is her Princess Coupe from Uncle Seth and family. (I think Aunt Jenni picked it out!) She now has a chariot (the bike trailer I got for my birthday) and a princess car! She is ridding in style!
And she already knows how to hang one arm out of the car as she drives! She is a good observer now that she can face forward in her car seat in Mommy and Daddy's cars!!

Well, as you can tell, Jesstine had a great time and so did Stephen and I! Again, I know it seems like overkill for something she won't remember, but I will and she really is so special to me! I think I would have done the same for Babe B. truth be told! I just want to celebrate the life God has provided for us through our children! She is such a happy, beautiful and smart girl! We are so blessed! This was to share that blessing with our family and friends!!!

In Him,
Lacie, Stephen, and Jesstine Hutchins


Cristy said...

Don't worry about overkill. Blake and Claire's 1st birthday was huge. We actually had 2 parties, one with 34 family members and then a 2nd with around 25 friends. I was so excited I survived the first year and that being 11 weeks early they were perfectly fine. When God gets you through we're supposed celebrate and do it up big. Praise be to HIM!! I'm so glad y'all had a great time. Jesstine will love the stories one day...Blake and Claire do!

Cristy Farley

Jenni said...

I am SO sad we had to miss the party!!! What fun!!!!! We'll keep the celebration going til AT LEAST next weekend:>!

Myca said...

What a cute idea! I love the pics. She is an adorable little girl!

Thanks for the comment on my post. I had no idea you were following us! :) It always amazes me when I hear from people from the past! Sometimes when I write posts I forget how many people could be reading.