Sunday, October 9, 2011

FINALLY Some Rain!

After a summer with very little rain, we finally got some and BOY did we! It did cause some inconveniences of course, especially with a three year-old in tow! We were stopped at a stop light on the way home from church and from the back seat we heard Jesstine say, "I took my shoe off!" I asked her the seemingly obvious question, "Why did you take your shoe off?!" (I was thinking about how it was raining and when we stopped for lunch we would have to stand in the rain to get her shoe back on before proceeding into a restaurant. So she replied with the obvious answer, "Because I wanted it off!" Daddy couldn't control himself! He laughed SO hard! Of course that made Jesstine realize that she had said something clever! Later we were at lunch and we having a hard time getting Jesstine to eat. So I came up with the bright idea that she could go play in the rain as soon as we got back if she ate enough! She was ALL about that! Wouldn't you know, when we got home, it had mostly stopped raining aside for some sprinkles. Oh well! We let her play anyway! So here are today's pictures of our Fall rain!

 She insisted on having a "Hummbrella" even though it wasn't really raining.

 My "hummbrella" soldier.

 She gave up on the umbrella rather quickly.

 She walked EVERYWHERE in those rainboots! It's a good thing too. They are getting too small and may need to be replaced before winter!

 On to bigger and better things, like puddle jumping!

 I LOVE this picture!

 Sometimes she would run all of the way from the top of the driveway and then jump into a puddle at the very bottom! At one point she fell down and when she got up she looked at her hands and shrieked! We thought for sure she had scraped her hands up until we heard her scream, "AAHH!! GRASS ON MY HANDS!!"

When she got tired of jumping, walking through them worked just as well.

In Him,
The Hutchins

P.S. Because she has had us rolling so many times today and this is the best way for me to remember to "write" these things down for future giggles, another funny moment with Jesstine today. As I was typing the captions to these pictures, Jesstine was SUPPOSED to be going to sleep for nap. All of the sudden I hear what sounds like her calling for Mamma over the baby monitor. So I stopped and listened. Sure enough. She was calling for me and in a seemingly frustrated tone. So I went in and asked her what the problem was. Very matter of factly she said, "Mamma you making me angry! You are talking and I am trying to get to sleep!" (or something a long those lines)!! I tried not to laugh and told her that I was doing nothing of the sort and that I was sitting in my chair, typing on the computer. I said, I would try to be quiet so she could sleep! What a day already with this funny little sweetheart!

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