Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Emmitt Update

We had our 37 week appointment today (will be 37 weeks on Friday). Stephen was not able to go with us so it was just Emmitt, Jesstine and I. The doctor has been doing weekly biophysical ultrasounds because my fluid levels have been "borderline." They like to see levels anywhere above 5 and I have been hovering at a 7 which is a little close in his mind. It is actually pretty nice to see Emmitt every week now! Granted, some of what I see is not all that much because everything is SO cramped in there right now! Today was an exception! First we always look at the heart which is VERY reassuring for me! I no longer have to turn away until he tells me the heart is beating. I watch the screen the WHOLE time! Usually within seconds of noticing the beating heart, we can actually see glimpses of Emmitt breathing! Yes, babies breathe in the womb. I have found that I can even feel it with the way Emmitt is positioned so differently than Jesstine or Babe B. We then got a glimpse of the foot that likes to move up and down my right side and into my ribs on the right side! After that, he got a GREAT shot of Emmitt's face! We were able to see about two thirds of his face. The other part was pretty crammed in there! It was so neat to see his face again! Furthermore, we were actually able to see his eye move around and look at stuff! He had his chubby little hand up on his chest tucked under his chin, much like Jesstine often did! He is head down and he was looking very healthy. I am still measuring about a week or two ahead physically. He hasn't dropped anymore this last week though. Next week the doctor will check the cervix to see what kind of progress my body is making. I have been having quite a few contractions, mostly the warm up kind of contractions. We have talked this whole time about how we would just wait and let my body do its own thing without inducing this time. The closer we get, the more it sounds like the doctor is leaning toward inducing as soon as hospital policy will allow. I think this is based on my physical fatigue and fluid levels. So the plan right now is to go in next week and check on how my body is doing. Then if it seems things are working on their own, we will set an induction date for 39 weeks in case I don't go on my own. 39 weeks will put us at November 11 (just two days after my older sister's birthday). So, continued prayers are appreciated. I am very anxious at this point, but I think most of it is the healthy variety. Of course there is a part of it that is anxiety because we are coming up on 37 weeks which was when we lost Babe B. Needless to say, I am ready no matter what way he gets here! I just want him to be healthy and strong! I just want to bring him home and add him to our family!

In Him,
The Hutchins

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