Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Land and Mangles

As you have seen on the blog before, Jesstine can say the funniest things sometimes! It amazes us what she picks up on. Some things are just so smart to be coming out of the mouth of a newly turned 3 year-old. Today was no exception!

Jesstine goes to Grandmom's house after preschool on Tuesdays. Grandmom feeds her lunch and then lets her play until I get there to pick her up. Today when I arrived, they were doing "school." School is sight words. I was sitting and marveling at how amazing Jesstine was in reading words that she hadn't even looked at for several weeks (hook, book, look, etc.) Grandmom reintroduced the word "and." Then she started to add letters to the beginning of "and" to make new words, like sand. Grandmom got to the word "land" and asked Jesstine, "Jesstine, do you know what land is?" Jesstine matter of factly replied, "Yeah! EARTH!" We both laughed because we were astonished at her true response!

Later, we were watching the news and a local fast food restaurant commercial came on. The place is called, "Spangles." Jesstine hasn't been there for a VERY long time. So long, I don't know that she was even old enough to remember. As she watched this commercial, she suddenly said, "Yuck! Mangles! I don't yike Mangles!" It was so funny! I love how she "mangled" the name of the restaurant on accident. If it were me, I would have given it a name like that on purpose if I really didn't like it. I just don't know if I could even be creative enough to come up with, "Mangles!"

In Him,
The Hutchins

P.S. And she just keeps going! I should really wait to post until she goes to bed because she always comes up with something new! Was reading her "Fox In Socks" for her bedtime story tonight. At the beginning there is a disclaimer of sorts that says not to go too fast because it can be dangerous. At about the halfway point, I was reading a complicated rhyme and Jesstine says, "Those rhymes are dangerous!" SO funny!

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