Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Big Sister In Training

Well, we are getting really close to Emmitt's arrival. I will be at 35 weeks on Friday. That is just 5 weeks from my due date, November 18!! For me it couldn't come any faster. The closer it gets, the more impatient I become. And we won't even talk about the more uncomfortable I get! In the meantime, I have started to talk to Jesstine about what it will be like to have a baby in the house. For her second Christmas, her and her cousin both got Newborn Cabbage Patch babies. She has never shown interest in it (although at the time that was the first aisle she went to when we would go to the toy aisle at any store. So yesterday, I showed her how to hold her baby, change her diaper, feed, clothe and put the baby in bed. It is a work in progress. Jesstine still likes to carry the baby by one of her arms and allow her to dangle at her side or in mid air! There is also a LOT of standing baby on her head, especially during diaper changes (another story entirely)! She is getting better though. She tends to go from one thing to another very quickly. She will come to me and say, "Oh, the baby is sleepy." A couple of minutes (if not less) later, she will say, "Oh, she's stinky! Pee YEW!" Then it's, "Oh, she's hungry." So I managed to snap this sweet moment of her feeding her baby...after instructing her on the proper way to hold her baby while she feeds her! 

Later today is our next Emmitt appointment. The doctor plans to do another sonogram to see if he is still breech or transverse. Hopefully I will have something to share with you later! He should be about 5 lbs. give or take a few ounces. He is certainly a mover! I have never had a baby move this much before! There are still times when I get anxious, but he reassures me usually pretty quickly with a big swift kick! He is going to be a soccer player like his Daddy, I think!

In Him,
The Hutchins

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