Friday, October 21, 2011

The Golden Oldies

Last night was our annual all school concert! At my school, we do an all school concert each year and pair up with our PE teachers. We have a theme each year and it usually takes place on our school parking lot. We combine grade levels in groups of two, ie. K-1, 2-3, and 4-5. This year we had many challenges! We have construction going on right now at school, so we don't have a parking lot that is sufficient to do what we usually do. So, we had to be a bit creative. Little did we know we would have to be REALLY creative! So we ended up having the program on the soccer fields to the north east of our building! Other than the dust and grass, it turned out to be a really good plan! As mentioned, our music selections always revolve around a them. In the three concerts I have already done, we had a country theme, a "Night at the Movies" theme, and a Halloween theme. This year the theme was "The Oldies Concert" with music from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Along with the theme, we allow the students to dress up according to the theme. So they were instructed that if they chose to, they could dress in the style of the 50's, 60's and 70's. The music and PE teachers of course dress up as well! We always try to look as surprising as possible! So this year we decided to dress as if we were in our 70's! Here in lies the next challenge! I am currently 9 months pregnant! Our first thought was an old man with a beer belly. Then my co-worker decided that since I was running the sound and needed a chair anyway, we could put me in a wheelchair with a lap quilt on to cover my belly. It was brilliant! The concert was a HUGE success! The students did well, the sound (my job) actually went smoothly other than some feedback issues that I never could figure out how to resolve, and the crowd LOVED it! One of the songs that the students sang was, "Please, Mr. Postman." We decided that we HAD to have a postman. Luckily, my neighbor is actually a US Postman, so the costume was fairly easy to attain! We also traditionally dress our principal up each year and she is a great sport and goes with it willingly! (Two years ago she was Marilyn Monroe.) So, without further adieu, I introduce the teaching cast of "The Oldies Concert!" See if you can spot me.

Jesstine did NOT care for the white hair! She just kept looking at me funny and gave a detached hug. When she saw me this morning she had a huge smile on her face and immediately looked at my hair! She was happy I was back to normal!
(Lft. to Rt. Shelly Hoffman, PE; Terri Ten Eyck, Music; Me in the wheelchair; Heather Vincent, Principal; and Debbie O'Dell, PE.)

In Him,
The Hutchins

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