Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Fun with Family

We got the pleasure of spending a fun weekend with family out of town this last weekend! It was more than enjoyable, even at 35 weeks pregnant! Needless to say, it is probably the last trip that we will get to take before the baby comes! We went to visit Seth, Jenni, Noah, Ian and Connor! Made some great memories and got to see their beautiful new home! So, here are a few photos from our trip!

 Jesstine got an aquadoodle for her birthday from her best friend, Kylie. It came in handy as we left town. We always get out of town before we allow her to watch a video when Daddy drives. :-)

 Here Jesstine is at Uncle Seth and Aunt Jenni's new house! She liked the view from the banister all of the way down to the floor in the entry way!

 Saturday morning, we went to Noah's soccer game. I believe he scored at least one, if not two goals!

 Here Seth is giving Noah a hug as he comes to sit out so someone else can play.

 What's a soccer game without a little passing during half time!

 For some reason, I didn't manage to get any pictures of Ian playing soccer. I did get some sideline shots as we were leaving though. In this one, Connor was concerned that Jesstine was sitting in "his" chair (which actually I sat in through both games), so Jesstine made room and they BOTH sat in it! Cute moment!

 Also, Connor felt that he wanted to help carry stuff to the car, so he "helped" family friend, JerJer, carry his Chair.

 Noah's game was in the morning, so we had lunch and naps, then it was off to Ian's game. After Ian's game, we took the kids to a pumpkin patch. I think Jenni got a better picture of this, but here's what I had! (On a side note: Jesstine is NOT in pain or anguish! She is just being Jesstine and saying "Cheese!")

 I found a GREAT photo spot for Jesstine! Wouldn't you know, in the first shot she wasn't smiling. Then in the second one a man appeared in the background! Oh well!

 Jesstine and Daddy are waiting for the pony rides.

 It's finally her turn!!! Here she is getting up on her pony, Cowboy!

 Noah on his horse (either cookie, sugar or something else).



 Look at that posture! That's my girl!

 Pony ride is over, but it was fun!

 Connor following Ian's lead while waiting for our tickets to go through the cane maze.

 And they're off! (This is the came maze. They said it is usually taller in the past. Not sure what KIND of cane it is. The stalks were a lot like corn in looks and smell, but no corn!)

 Can you find Noah?!

 How about now? Noah and Ian are somewhere hiding in there!

 Oops, took a wrong turn and ended up at a dead end!

 Didn't take long though and they were off again!

 Back at the tent they found a tortoise!

 Trying on a cowboy hat at the craft building.

 Connor wasn't thrilled with the fairy wings. LOL!

 Jesstine, walking with Daddy!

 Again, I think Jenni got a better shot of this, but here are all of the Hutchins kids and grandkids!

 And of course we had to do a SILLY one too!

 My beauty waiting for her breakfast at Mimi's Cafe.

 The grandkids...for now! Emmitt will join the bunch before Christmas!

And last, but not least for sure! Jesstine crawled up on the couch to cuddle with Aunt Jenni. She was attached to this toy sloth and a frog. Jenni made them talk and bounce around and Jesstine LOVED it! Had to capture this precious moment! She LOVES her Aunt Jenni. I think the feeling is mutual!! 

In Him,
The Hutchins

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