Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bowlend (Bowlin')

After a productive couple of days, tonight we took Jesstine bowling (bowlend as she calls it) for only the second time ever. Three things made this trip different. For one, I remembered the camera! A second thing was that they offered us a ramp which I think made it SO much more enjoyable for Jesstine. And lastly, I didn't participate. Let's face it, I could BE the bowling ball at this point! So here is our adventure in bowling!

 Daddy helped her pick out the perfect ball.

 Waiting for Daddy to set things up.

 Daddy setting the ramp up just right. Check out how this big girl got the ball all by herself!

 Setting the ball up on the ramp.

 There it goes!

 Daddy's cheerleader! "GO DADDY!"

 No bowling photo shoot is complete without some "CHEESE!!"

A better view of her being a big girl and getting the ball on the ramp by herself!

Afterwards, she wanted to eat pizza at the bowling alley. We opted for something else. She chose fish sticks. Thank goodness the bowling alley is close to a Long John Silver's!!! 

In Him,
The Hutchins

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